Star Trek Discovery: There is a Tide…review

Discovery has been hijacked by the Emerald Chain and it’s as much as Tilly and Burnham to take it again. Please Subscribe.

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21 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery: There is a Tide…review

  1. 5 years, 3 months and 23 days. That is the length of time it's taken me to watch the 13 films and 10 series in order. Some episodes multiple times (the first episodes till Discovery season 1, took me a year). So in honor of the season, and the milestone of 800 all I can say is…..YIPPEE KAY AI MOTHER F**KERS. Holy hell that was tense. From Michael's Die Hard feel(right down to the bare feet and injury to a leg). To Stamets believable breakdown at the thought of losing Hugh and Adira(real Dad moment). To the political thriller of Vance and Osyrra chatting (literal chills when he realized where she was ). To the jailbreak from the ready room. Of course helmed by one of Trek's most prolific talents from the TNG era. I can't wait until the season finale

  2. Really interesting episode, especially the negotiations between the Admiral and Osyraa. I think of her as a Mafia boss or terror leader wanting to "go legit" and give her life meaning, but importantly wanting to avoid the consequences of her past actions and to lock in her power.

  3. Only two things I find a bit "grrr", When Hugh decided to stay with Saru he decided in seconds.
    Paul's feelings for hugh seem a bit one sided at the moment. If Hugh does return the writers really need to work on this relationship
    its lacking chemistry. The other issue is just how easy they took command of the ship uploaded the Chains database.

  4. Regarding the explanation of how the replicators got their 'base material.' We all knew it, we just didn't talk about it.
    Happy new year, TON. Here's to a better 2021

  5. Loved this episode. I like politics and trade in sci fi like Dune and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I noticed that Emerald Chain soldiers look very similar to Federation Troopers in the British sci-fi classic dystopia BLAKE'S 7 .

  6. Thanks for the good review as always, I was pleased to see this episode was much better than the last. It was so funny this episode has been described as Die Hard in space and it goes right down to Michael running around the ship in bare feet, nice touch. Look forward to the final episode next week, then need to decide what to watch instead. I see Lower Decks will finally air on Amazon in a couple of weeks so I suppose I can rewatch them, I still haven’t watched the second season of The Boys and I’m behind a couple of seasons of The Expanse. Hope things start to improve in the US this year, stay safe and I look forward to your review of the final episode of the season.

  7. Happy New Year Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, This Episode was Exciting it felt like Die Hard a Bit and Micheal Burnham is Playing a Role Similar to John McClane. Anyway It was a surprise When Osyraa Killed Wren the Andorian, Here's a Theory Remember Wren Took a Personal Transporter off that Guard when the Group Took Down the Guards? Well what if Wren Transported away the Moment he was Hit Just Like Sloan From Section 31 Transported away when he was Shot by that Romulan in DS9, It's just a Theory we'll Find out Next week.

  8. Happy New Year! May it be a good and prosperous for you and your love ones.

    This was a good episode, some parts of it was intense. The beginning with Book and Michael going through the Transwarp tunnels, and crashing into discovering really kept my attention. I admired Michael’s intense pain management throughout the rescue.

    With Admiral Vance and Osyira, I feel that with Osyira she is genuine with her terms, but I agree with you like the Klingons negotiations like these take time. Plus I feel that there are some people that you just cannot take a deal, no matter how desperate the situation may be. Plus where is the federation President? I am curious who it is.

    Tilly was good in coming up with ideas to get the ship back, and I thought it was cute to see Zora merge with the bots and ready to help the crew.

    I was both sadden and frustrated for the scenes regarding Michael and Stamets. I understand their point of view, but I am curious to find out the aftermath of the season finale. Will Stamets and Michael hug it out, if all goes well or will there be a bit of bad blood?

  9. Micheal Did say ''I Might not see you again off to another Distant Future'' Could there be another Time Jump? We'll Find out Soon Enough.

  10. I wonder if the finale will be a movie length episode like the season 2 finale?

    The replicator details are featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. All waste products generated on the ship are processed into a inert material then (when the replicator is used) re-processed into what the person wants. In some DS9 & Voyager episodes, you can see some of the crewmembers put their "dirty dishes" into a replicator unit to be dematerialized (recycled).

  11. Hey buddy. I must say I have come to really love Discovery, been streaming for a week catching up on all the new Trek, and Discovery really stands out. I haven't watched s3e12 yet, but will tonight in a bit. Thanks for doing what you do. I'll come back after watching it. My only question is should I subscribe to CBS all access? I am nearing the end of my free trial with Roku, a Christmas gift from my son's fiancee. I'm thinking yes. 🖖

  12. It seems to me that the burn is a catalyct not the prime mover in this season……it is, because of what it creates…..a world builder. As for eating replicated food….I have alot of Filipino family, my line is tell me what I'.m eating after what I'm eating. It was an emotional episode, and yeah we h have a fun ride ahead.

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