Star Trek Discovery "There Is a Tide…" Review | Season 3 Ep 12

Discovery faces off in opposition to the Emerald Chain in a very intriguing and surprisingly political episode of Star Trek Discovery with “There Is a Tide…”. As Admiral …

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery "There Is a Tide…" Review | Season 3 Ep 12

  1. I completely agree with everything you said. I'd just like to add that on top of that, the episode left a kinda bittersweet feeling in me after the Vance Osyraa negotiations. While I like and enjoy that kind of realism it kinda felt like Star Trek telling me that there's no way for a non-capitalist society without a post-scarcity society, which kinda felt like betraying its own utopia – betraying the concept of utopia in general, really. It felt like it told me that all we could hope for is well-regulated capitalism.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode and had a lot of fun with it. One thing I thought was fun to think about: Osira made the comment about the Eli program having a human face and it really isn’t anybody, all of that. She asked why it wasn’t just the face of a person known for being truthful. What I find telling and more interesting about the program is: it’s a program, it’s not real, but he still has a name. The federation made him for one purpose, but they couldn’t help naming him. I feel like that, in and of itself, really tells you about what the federation and the people in it are like.
    The other thing that stood out to me: Osira talks about wanting peace and she’s got all these concessions and the armistice lined up. She makes a point of talking about the sacrifices and favors she had to do. But, and this is a big but, she starts the talks by taking over Discovery and tricking her way into Federation space. She starts peace talks with violence and deception. And that, right there, tells you what kind of person she is. She may have lofty goals and ideals, but they are supported on the bodies and pain of others.
    All in all, a very interesting contrast to the Federation and it’s leaders. I’m definitely looking forward to this seasons finale

  3. One thing I haven't seen touched on in any of the reviews I've seen on this episode is how pulling away from Su'Kal and the plot with the Burn added significantly to the tension of this episode. We know there's a very tight deadline for them to retake Discovery and rescue the away team, before they die from radiation poisoning. Every setback that they have to overcome, every delay reminds us that we're getting closer to losing some of our favorite characters in the series. There's also the unknown of if Su'Kal will have another outburst and initiate another Burn – something that we know can happen, and is significantly more likely due to how Saru and Culver will be pushing Su'Kal to confront and overcome his fears so they can escape and get to safety.

    In short, because we don't know what's happening on the Dilithium planet, there's a lot more weight and tension to what's happening on Discovery and in Starfleet HQ. If they'd played both side by side, or resolved the Su'Kal arc before starting on this one, the tension would be much lower, and the episode would have been much less engaging.

  4. Osyra tries to present the Emerald Chain as being an altruistic/capitalist cooperative. But in truth, she plays down it's authoritarian/slave/dictatorship mentality. It functions on a strictly controlled anarchy. It uses slaves to provide the labor it requires at a low cost. Capitalism has always been about having high profitability at low production costs. Slavery IS the cheapest labor cost around. The Federation has always held a more Socialist/Equal/Inclusive ideology. Society is better when all are allowed to participate and benefit from the wealth of knowledge…..not just a select few.

  5. Wow.. so many people saw this episode in a positive light !!

    Am I the only one who thought this season might end ST:Discovery?

  6. I think the President will appear next episode because the French Netflix translation used "La présidente” implying the president is a woman.. so they might have anticipated her appearance in the season finale 😉

  7. I honestly gave Michael a double middle finger when she blasted Stamets out the window. I swear if either Adira or Culber die because of her, I will stop watching.

    Also Jessie is a Vance Stan? 😛

    I'm a little disappointed you didn't comment on Osyraa pointing out that the holo is human.

  8. I have enjoyed Star Trek since 1966 but I've never been a "Trekkie". While the series certainly addressed many ethical issues… it's television. My delight in the newer movies having recreated the character interaction… but the series is past it's time. We're tired of Star Trek, we're tired of Star Wars.

  9. Did you notice the real conversation between Vance and osyra?
    The entire shit – replicator scene
    Was about how the "real thing" abndance aka emerald chain claims to be – but only the those with monetary wealth have the privileges, in emerald chain society,
    but evetually it is gained by committing atrocities,

    And the federation who has much more advanced tech which gives to member worlds and its citizens the ability to have limitless free abundance of all things – deleting the innate problem of secrecy,
    which is so called "fake" made out of tech power aka shit,
    without committing atrocities.
    VANCE calls out the bullshit which she ( osyiara) is saying- proves that federation has the moral high ground.

  10. 19:57 The reason why she didn't teleport him is that Osira had blocked that from happening. She even mentions it to Vance when they met.

  11. I read the apple scene as "we have held to ideals so strongly for so long, and in such dire circumstances, that we have fallen to the level of eating our own shit. I would rather continue that, than work with you."

  12. I love Discovery, but the last two shows indicates a change in direction, with the Aisan lady gone and Starfleet being threatened. I hope they don't blow it. Hey, I liked the Asian lady from the other dimension, no prime directive and she could kick a*s and loved doing it.
    I know, too many cast members, so they're cutting back, but them being there makes for more possible storylines…

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