Star Trek Discovery – 'The Hope That is You. Pt2' – S03E13 │Season Finale Review

The Burn thriller is solved, the battle for the federation in opposition to the Emerald Chain involves a head and the crew combat to retake the ship. Right here is my assessment of …

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery – 'The Hope That is You. Pt2' – S03E13 │Season Finale Review

  1. Loved Season 3 – by far the best Discovery season overall in my opinion
    A year until we see Season 4 – yikes! 23 weeks of Star Trek along with The Mandalorian has been really nice!!

  2. Season 3 has just been weak overall. The burn explanation was just meh at best. For me its been the worst season yet. I really loved season 2 but 3 well some of it was just bad. I did like the ending of 3 tho. The word finally springs to mind with Burnham in the big chair. I can take or leave the new uniforms. If season 4 does not improve things I can see them pulling the rug from this one especially since we have so much more Trek coming

  3. Do u like Burnham? I just can't take to her character at all. She'll probably be Admiral by the end of next season. Roll on the Captain Pike series, really looking forward to that.

  4. The fact that last week episode was so good made this one all the much worse. I enjoyed the new uniforms at the end, but that was it. I want to love this show, but I'm actually happy it's over for now. Just give me more Lower Decks and i'll be happy.

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