Star Trek Discovery "That Hope is You, Part 2" | Season 3 Finale!

Star Trek Discovery boldly went into it is finale with “That Hope is You Half 2”. However did the usDiscovery crash and “burn” as Michael Burnham took on the …

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21 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery "That Hope is You, Part 2" | Season 3 Finale!

  1. It felt to me like Aurellio was being set up to work out a way for him to work the spore drive. Even the design of his wheelchair seemed like it had him in that stance to slot himself into the controls. Also it could have been a good show of trust, and him as a high ranking Emerald Chain scientist putting aside tribal allegiance to save lives.

  2. I thought things were wrapped up with the Emerald Chain a bit too easily (although we'll see what the future holds). The lift fight scene was fun but it was just too odd for me. Like it should have happened on the big Orion ship or something. I also thought that the 'creature of fear' on the dilithium planet was going to end up being some kind of indigenous lifeform that the holo program was turning into the creature of fear. It is rare that I say this, but I think I like the way they did it better– that it 'guards' the master control for the holo program.

    I am torn on Saru no longer being captain, he was my favorite character.

  3. Ok – on a superficial point here – can they PLEASE let Sonequa Martin-Green just wear her own natural hair next season? For gods sake – stop with the wigs!! Just saying….

  4. I agree it was an "ok" ending, tad underwhelming considering everything. I really love the Admiral and the way he handled everything. Those new uniforms are an eyesore in my opinion, just, no one should have grey uniforms.

  5. I thought they did do a yadayada-ing for Grey appearing. It was one line by Adira when they said "the holo program recognized you." I took that to mean that the holo recognized Grey and changed his appearance as per the programming.

  6. The reason behind the Burn was utter garbage, anyone who says differently is kidding themselves. The whole seeing that kid in the holodeck pisses me off and is simply there to pander to the woke community, he/she doesn't deserve to become a main character. I actually don't want Discovery back and would rather see the Pike series become the focus.

  7. Just realized something wasn't it astablished in enterprise that by this point Star Fleet had 'tardis' technology

  8. A thousand year old ship was able to survive a prolonged battle solo vs all of starfleet didn't make sense and the inside of the turbo lift made the ship look 50 times bigger then it really is considering a few shuttle craft take up all the space in the back, the scale was way off. But I still liked it. In 3 seasons their secondary character development (the bridge crew) is horrible.

  9. I can’t help but feel like Burnham still needs to come into her own a bit? I still see so much of a remixed Spock/Kirk vibe to her and I kind of wish she was able to be more of her own character. I don’t know. It’s frustrating me cause I want to be excited by her but I feel like they overly rely on connecting her character to those two characters and it’s annoying. It almost feels like they didn’t think a black, female captain could stand on her own which I’m sure isn’t the case but it feels like that sometimes.

    Also why did they have to make me fall in love with Saru!? Now I’m worried he’ll have less involvement in series 4 to make room for Captain Burnham. Really hoping that’s not the case and I’m just being paranoid.

  10. First, finally they dish the blue uniforme.
    Second, hope they do more explore strange new world and you know Discovery. 😉

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