Star Trek: Discovery | "That Hope Is You, Part 2" (Season 3, Episode 13) Recap | The Ready Room

“The Prepared Room” host Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Subsequent Era) welcomes star Sonequa Martin-Inexperienced (Commander Michael Burnham), Government …

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39 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | "That Hope Is You, Part 2" (Season 3, Episode 13) Recap | The Ready Room

  1. "Let's Fly" is Perfect. Especially since she was the red angel and how much growth she and the crew have experienced. I cheered out loud watching.
    ps. "We are Starfleet" would make an awesome spin off title.

  2. The new trek is NOT STAR TREK! It more resembles star wars what with all the droids and such… Half expecting a light sabre soon really…or maybe even a jedi to stop on by. Maybe we will get to see picard and vader face off soon. Why is it soooo hard to follow the star trek formula with updated visuals? Whats with a new captain every other episode???? I dont get it….i dont like it…..i wish the new star trek would die. Id rather see it die than to continue to be perverted in this fashion. You took everything wholesome out, everything star trek out of the franchise… Did yall not learn anything from stargate universe? They strayed from the formula and paid for it. That show tried to be BSG instead of stargate and boom! off the air…. I really did try to like this and picard…. and i gave it 3 seasons to shape up… but ill no longer give a dime until we get REAL star trek back. Until then ill go rewatch DS9 or Voyager or maybe even enterprise! At least tng and ds9 got klingons right smh! Rant over.

  3. Why doesn't this conversation touch on that TERRIBLE elevator fight scene? Exactly WHERE in Discovery is that HUGE EMPTY SPACE located? It looked like they were flying around a massive cityscape! There seemed to be MILES of that shit! Do the VFX crew actually read the script!? An otherwise great episode ABSOLUTELY RUINED by a shitty action sequence dominated by RIDICULOUS visuals! Bummer. And nobody even addresses that GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM in the Ready Room, WTF!? Did Will even watch the show!?

  4. why didnt the disco crew copy the program that allowd the trill kkid to become visible and put it in a mobile holo emiter like the doc from voyager

  5. Doug Jones better be back because he is a fellow Hoosier. His high school football team won their state title this yr.

  6. as a 68 yr young Moorish american Female, I love her representation too. her relation ship with Booker is wonderful..

  7. Go to Nerdrotic
    Gary Buechler To get an honest review both on YouTube Instagram and Twitter. This show is terrible it does not represent Star Trek some of the old cast members are involved because I am sure the money is good. In a nutshell the show sucks

  8. Was a decent wrap up for the season but I’ve gotta complain about the turbo lifts zooming through massive, unlimited empty space inside the ship…THAT’S JUST STUPID! The entire lower hull oks like open space! It makes no sense! All space is utilized in a starship…programmable matter or not!

  9. Sonequa I hope you and your baby are doing awesome your such a sweet soul and dang you look awesome in a capt uniform lol

  10. This show/season was exactly what it needed to be. Before, the Discovery series was bounded/burdened by what it couldn't be by the events of TOS. This was a excellent, excellent transition series. It was able to create a new timeline and justify Discovery's presents there. This season allowed Discovery to have a clean slate and either be stand-a-lone episodes (like in TOS or TNG) or continue to exists as Arc story driven episodes. It was Brilliant. There was less of the in-your-face progressive lecturing (when compared to previous seasons – and what nearly destroyed the Star Wars Franchise) . With this series, I have interest in Star Trek again. BRILLIANT JOB CBS !!!! This was TV that was worth paying for – IMHO.

  11. That turbo lift thing was distracting. I know what was shown to be a turbo lift shaft in Next Gen (when Picard was climbing up it with kids) was too simple, considering we know they go sideways also, but having this huge void in the middle of the ship is not right. It jarred me out of the action. Discovery was built about 100 years before Enterprise D, so it should have less complicated turbo lifts. Even with "upgrades" from the future, this kind of void in the middle of the ship would have changed the entire stability of a ship.

  12. This episode felt like a end of a series episode, not just an end of the season. I had to look it up quickly to make sure it wasn't the last season!

  13. WOW, I was compelled while watching, to stand also with the crew when Micheal came onto the bridge to take the Captain's chair, that being said, please don't wash out this or any crew in "grey" color uniforms, few skin tones mesh with grey, not to mention it's soooooo dull.

  14. Sorry. Did CBS name it "STD" on purpose? Is it supposed to remind us of sexually transmitted diseases? Brave move making Season 3 all about what caused "The Burn." I love the cast, but we had many laughs watching this series so far with all the unintentional (or intentional?) STD jokes. It's had us cracking up for the past few years. At least we're watching, amiright? This thing should have a crossover with The Orville.

  15. As the "Number One" actor/character on this production they took a unusual approach with Burnham. All other Treks stories (except Lower Decks) are told mostly from the perspective of the captain and that character and the actor playing it are always the "Number One's" in their respective shows. With Burnham we were invited to see her develop and make mistakes on her way to being a captain.

    Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer were all written to be pretty solid captains by the time we met them. Sisko and Archer did have some levels of being newbies I guess. And in both cases war and conflict took each them through a dark spell. But for the most part they were pretty solid and heroic captains. So now that we've seen the development of Burnham I look forward to seeing her written like a hero captain going forward.

    Now the writers should have time to do character development with the others while Burnham thrives as a solid captain directing and protecting her crew like all of the great Trek captains before her. I do see some conflict brewing between Stamets and Burnham though. At some point he should be allowed to see what would have happened if he had prevented Burnham from getting him off the Discovery. That would be a great episode. The Guardian of Forever could send him back in time where he creates an alternate timeline and experiences how catastrophic everything gets when Osyraa puts him back in that mind control headpiece, kills the crew and then his family, gets the dylithium, and ruins the rest of the galaxy while he has to watch. That could be the episode where he truly reconciles with Burnham after the writers build up the tension between them for several episodes.

    I look forward to season 4. Just wish they could do a full television season with 22-24 episodes.

  16. I REALLY ENJOYED THIS LAST EPISODE!!!! and let me say THANK YOU to The Director of the last episode of Star Trek Discovery for no doing what i swore u all was going to do and Leave us all on a crazy CLIFFHANGER!!! man i really thought thats how this season was going to end but i am so stoked that it didnt and im looking forward to season 4 , ive got to say i think this had to of been prob one of the best if not THE BEST episode of the season , im sure their will be alot of people who disagree with me and that is 100% fine but i just wanted to throw my lil 2cents in the ring for u all to enjoy :p lol .. anyhow thats all from this guy im just really looking forward to season 4 now !

  17. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Such a great season finale! I love Star Trek, and Discovery! I love the theme of reconnection, rebuilding for something better, and a fresh start. Especially with all that's going on the in the world. I hope we're all able to reconnect again. Thanks for a wonderful show and lifting my spirits.

  18. Excellent ending in the season finale quite interesting that the commander of the federation 1) didn’t punish Stamants did I spell the name right ? And 2) he cut him off saying Michael made the right decision so the emerald chain is fractured but now that their leader is gone will they merge with the federation ? Will everyone try to replicate the spore drive technology ? Will someone violate the time accords to try to save the emerald chain boss? Better yet will captain Burnham be wanted for the perceived murder of their leader? Or will they breathe a sigh of relief that the diabolical leader who used fear to hold sway over the emerald chain’s alliance is finally DEAD ? Will the man in the chair be the new emerald chains leader a perfect fit if they are going to merge ? Or will he remain with the federation in some capacity ? What happens to his family ? Now that the commander of the federation acknowledges he has a wife and a rather robust free thinker daughter will they come into focus? Also WHO is the President of the federation ? Is it a human or alien or AI system the very same one that ordered a wipe out of discovery more specifically Burnham serious enough to violate the time accords ? Was it something she did serious enough to lead the president to conclude if the accords were violated it will stop whatever happens in the future ? Or is the federation president a cardassian ? Or a leader of the Dominion? Will this future timeline reintroduce Odo’s race the shape shifters? excellent infiltrators for good or worse ! So the next season my hope is many of the above questions are answered .

  19. It was ground breaking for me to see Janeway and Kira in their respective roles. (Trekkie for 3 decades here)
    I was screaming at my TV "GIVE HER THAT 4TH PIP DANGIT!!!!"

  20. I would love to see Michael meet a descendent of captain sisko… season 4 yes please 🙏🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🖖🏽🙏

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