Star Trek Discovery season (or series?) Finale, Live Spoilerific Roundtable Review

StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek After lengthy final, Star Trek Discovery Season three is over! However did the finale mark the tip of simply the third season, or Discovery as a …

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14 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery season (or series?) Finale, Live Spoilerific Roundtable Review

  1. It took 3 seasons of meandering nonsense to do what they were always going to do, what they wanted to do from the pilot episode onwards…make Mikey Spock a Captain. Star Trek is royally f***ed and there's no coming back.

  2. I can not watch this show its heartbreaking seeing what star trek has be come star trek was never a Diverse show it was a very humanist show for real scifi fans alex kurtzman and his sjw writing team are destroying this great franchise with plotholes Identity politics and narratives, star trek is for people who love scifi not for people who won't lucrative careers and don't care about preserving the law, I want paramount to bring back rick berman brannon braga ronald moore bryan fuller or new blood like vic mignogna seth mcfarlane the guys at axanar or people from the syfy channel i want something done.

  3. Frankly, Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery was a LOT, LOT BETTER. Last year had Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Michelle Yeoh. I don't know what else to say, the only serious acting this year was by Michelle Yeoh. Period.

  4. 40:52
    Since Day 1(The Original Series), Star Trek has always had a consistent but comparatively low support base. Consistent is the operative word. That’s the key to Trek’s longevity.

    Even the late Desilu Executive Herbert Solow recognized that. I hope Emma Watts takes a lesson from him as we move forward.

  5. Wait… how can the issue be resolved? I thought the Burn destroyed ALL the dilithium …. so no space travel. This thing being alive constitutes one hell of a threat to future Star Fleet operations… as it historically has.

    The worst part of all this shit…. it's cannon that time travel exists… why not go back in time to before the burn and hook this creature up on a date and stop him from burning the place down…. did they forget the show that time traveled 1000 years into the future can timetravel back?

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