6 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Teaser Trailer

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  2. Never fear! Magical Burnham will singlehandedly figure it all out.

    Like The Burn that ended up a bullshit child crying FFS, I'm sure this anomaly will be some emotional bullshit.

    But the amazing Burham will come up with [a bullshit plot device] and save the day. By herself.

    I wish Discovery wasn't like this. I wish it focused more on that future world and how things work there and how ALL species worked and lived. Not just Burham Crying, Burham Disobeying orders, Burham getting people killed and killing people – and all the while she doesn't not only pay a price, but is rewarded.

  3. well considering discovery singlehandly pretty much figured what caused the burn which was 100 year old mystery and what the cause of the burn was i am pretty sure we are in for a lot of built up for another big let down 🙂

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