Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Teaser | Paramount+

The brand new season of “Star Trek: Discovery” coming late 2021, solely on Paramount+. Paramount+ Now Streaming. Attempt It Free Comply with …

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22 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Teaser | Paramount+

  1. Nothing has changed, still the same horrible show it has always been. Same old Mikey Burnham is the Bestest Evaaa BULLSHIT. You have done nothing but Pervert and Destroy Star Trek. I hope you happy cuz were not.

  2. How in the holy fuck are they still funding this shit? It's not like anyone besides Doomcock and Nerdrotic are watching it…

  3. Hello, Humans.
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  4. Looks like the writing (especially the character dialogue) is still going to be absolute garbage. If so they should just end the series.

  5. I watched every episode of season 1 & 2, as painful as it was, to make sure I missed nothing that might be good.

    Season 3 I didn't bother, and the ending with the space autistic alien being the cause was the dumbest shit I've ever seen in Star Trek. That includes the black chick crying every three minutes.

  6. It took three seasons to copy the Orville. 🤣
    Orange man bad was the only drive the writers had, now what are they gonna do?
    Is this just going to be everyone come together to fight the space COVID-19? 🤔

  7. Place your bets everybody, the season will be centralized around, “Mikey Burhnam is the bestest ever.” Spare me.

  8. The downvotes "I don't like how it has black and gay people" whaaaaaaaaa cry some more. "It's not Star Trek". How about you stop gatekeeping?

  9. So there is no more toxic masculinity in future,they fixed it for us …so everything is now upside down?
    Or mirror universe is now corrected? This vision of future is kind of boring,no? Do you see your self in this ? And it looks there is nowhere to run

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