STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 4: Predictions, Theories, & Biggest Questions

Star Trek Discovery was renewed for Season Four at CBS All Entry. Greg and Chastity cowl what to know in regards to the new season, their predictions, and …

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37 thoughts on “STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 4: Predictions, Theories, & Biggest Questions

  1. you guys actually care about STD. go you not have better things to do with your time than watch the dumpster fire of a show. like for instance watcg snow melt, or grass grow or paint dry?

  2. My prediction after watching season 3: season 4 going to be a dumpster fire like everything Alex Kurtzman has touched in the past

  3. Why wasn't there any backlash / episodes regarding the Temperal Agents? Didn't Capt Archer go almost this far in the future?

  4. This STD is not Star Trek. The producers and writers hijacked Star Trek to promote radical ideology. The real star trek was always about the ship and the missions and there was hope and optimism. I am very disappointed it has been renewed.

  5. I think season 4 will explore why Earth needs the federation. You don't just stop being isolationist over night, something will happen to bring Earth back into the fold again.

  6. Who thinks we could have a Admiral Saru? He would make an amazing ambassador for StarFleet… especially with planets that have been isolated for hundreds of years or even new races✊🏾

  7. Vance and Osyraa are some of the most interesting characters in the series, IMO. So glad they got a major scene to themselves.

  8. I would like to know if the entire galaxy was wipped out in the burn. I mean.. what about the borg. Species 8762 or dominion etc

  9. It would be great to know what Earth’s role will be in the Federation. Will Starfleet return there and now that headquarters is known, will it change locations?

  10. Dilithium will be a luxury for a while but the Ni'var have a gate technology that was ready to go, until they thought that it caused the burn. It will re-engage worlds into the federation, but don't the Ni'var also have black hole technology from the Romulans? It's a red herring 😂

  11. Saru got screwed. No doubt about it. Producer’s decision to make this show 100% about Michael Burnham is a major mistake that will shorten the series’ life.

  12. Forgot about the vulcans, now that its confirmed they didnt do the burn. They could continue the research to not use dilthium.

  13. The poor Tellarites are probably the only founding member of the Federation that stayed and didn't even get a mention in season 3.

  14. Good morning Chastity & Greg I would like a new ship for season 4 Captain Burnham with the USS Discovery – B with a totally new defense system to protect the spore drive, a separate powered system with a deflector shield around the spore drive section on the ship NO UNAUTHORIZED BEAMING. I would like a new alien race as a adversary. NUN HUMANOID like species 8472. Ambassador Saru would be fine.

  15. Burnham is going to, once again, screw up her leadership aspirations. By the end of season 4 she’ll be out of the captains chair. Saru or Tilley will be captain.

  16. I hope this time that won't be a big disconnect between expectations and the final result especially the way they did the burn that was the only main issue I had with the season although the finale wasn't too exciting and predictable overall a good season hopeful for season 4 pretty much a reset again I suspect they will do episodic along with a long story arc…. Hopefully you're more epic and better pay off which makes sense and connects with the foods they give instead of just random

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