Star Trek Discovery Season 3 (Spoilers) – Was it Good?

Star Trek Discovery season Three simply wrapped up its third season. With a fourth season already in manufacturing, has Star Trek Discovery lastly hit its stride? Patreon: …

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26 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 (Spoilers) – Was it Good?

  1. Nice review. I actually think they keep doing the same thing: start a story, forget a crucial part of the story; confuse the conclusion or rushing the story. The characters stories I also think are liking, Ensign as captain, the robots the bridge crew is still muted, the making MB the captain, . .the Tardis elevator, the song the entire galaxy knows, the convenient ship breaking, the lack of a Trill story; the Vulcans/Nevar show up and do. ..nothing. . all the many nit picks I could take up an entire page. For me I notice all the little things that drive me crazy and when the all are added up I don't see what to look. I don't think their modern take of ST is lacking the story development and science-y type of take. The Expanse is better played out, less whispery and seems to sell its consequence laden choices way better than anything Disco has ever done. I regularly am disappointed with Disco. I still don't see what you are enjoying in the show. However, your YT stuff is great! Thanks for the videos!

  2. So I'll start with the good:

    1. I think going to the future was a great choice. One of the things that put me off Discovery at first was it's 23rd century setting with the Klingons as major villains (yet again), and I warmed up to the show in S2 when the Klingons had less of a presence. This massive time jump gives the series a lot more storytelling freedom because of how removed it is from previous shows, and it also leaves a lot of room for stories set within the time gap.

    2. I loved seeing the evolution of the Romulans and Vulcans. Star Trek Online having the Romulans as a playable faction made me really appreciate them and it was great to see how far they'd come. This kinda ties into the point above but the time jump has given DSC a lot of room to explore existing cultures in a new way, much in the same way that TNG's time jump did.

    3. I too was glad to see other characters get more focus. Although I've warmed up to Michael as a character, I prefer Star Trek as an ensemble show. Detmer has been here since S1 and she's felt like a background character until this season, so it was great to see her get some of the spotlight. I've also been a big fan of Tilly for a while and seeing her take on a larger role was awesome. She better get a promotion next season.

    4. I also agree that this series has done a good job in balancing episodic adventure with season-long storylines, something which they did quite well last season as well. In my opinion DS9 had a great balance in that many episodes are self-contained adventures that can be enjoyed on their own, but also having recurring stories such as the Dominion War, Bajor recovering from the occupation, Sisko's role as Emissary etc. To me it felt like DS9 was more about the lives of these characters who are in the middle of these extraordinary events, and I'm glad that DSC is finding the same balance.

    Now for the bad:

    1. Things did feel a bit rushed toward the end, and personally I feel that Season 2 had a bit of the same problem. The Burn being built up as this devastating, mysterious event only to be resolved within a season felt a bit deflating to me. Although I get why TV shows usually don't have the same number of episodes per season as they used to, I wonder if DSC could have done with a couple of extra episodes?

    2. I'm not really a fan of Burnham as a captain, especially after her losing the XO position. As much as I could understand Michael's reasons for going against reasons, Saru was totally right to point out that this was a lesson she should have learned by now. Personally, I would rather have kept Saru as a captain at least for another season. But Michael has grown on me so far so maybe she'll grow on me as a captain as well.

    3. I do somewhat get you saying that the parental relationship between Stamets/Culber and Adira felt kinda underdeveloped. Since we're not following these characters 24/7 I just assumed that they did a lot of bonding off-screen and felt that we were shown enough to know how their relationship was developing. Also, I think Anthony Rapp gave an amazing performance during the scene where Stamets is ejected. The absolute despair felt very real and understandable considering that Paul has lost Hugh once before. But I can get what you're saying about Adira's relationship with Stamets feeling a bit undeveloped. Given that Stamets clearly hasn't quite gotten over what Michael did just yet, I think his role as a parental figure will get a bit more focus.

    4. And yeah, I'm not big on the new uniforms either. I think they look particularly unflattering in the final scene because they probably hadn't made tailored uniforms for the main cast at the time of filming and just had to use spares (kinda like how Riker is borrowing one of Sisko's uniforms in Generations), but I'm not a fan of the grey colour or the division stripe. The old uniform looked like a professional and practical update to the Enterprise uniforms, and it's probably one of my favourite Starfleet uniforms.

    Overall, this season was still a big improvement for me despite some flaws. It took me a while to warm up to Discovery and I think it's totally fine to say "personally I don't enjoy it" since I was of that mindset not long ago. It's different from previous shows and I doubt I'll ever have the same love for it that I have for TNG and DS9, but I've consistently enjoyed this season and I'm genuinely excited for Season 4.

    On an unrelated note, it's kinda outside of your usual genre but do you have any plan on covering the new adaptation of The Stand? I've had mixed feelings about it but a lot of people seem to like it.

  3. Love Seru. But Burnham has earned the Captaincy. And no one else knows this new world better than her. Seru for Admiral. Lt. Nelson for XO I guess? Lt JG Tilly as Science Officer

  4. I still feel season 2 was the best. Season 3 started out with a really interesting premise, but by the time they got to the second half, everything felt phoned in. Tilly's promotion felt undeserved, and Osyraa wasn't really an interesting enough villain to warrant a three-parter.

  5. Agree that the first half of the series was best. I couldn't get enough of Osyrah , though. Fantastic character throughout.

  6. I, largely, agree with most of the review; ST:D's current season feels like the showrunners have found their niche (it's pretty standard for Trek shows to take a couple seasons, except DS9). My biggest problem was by the time the season came to its conclusion, it came to its conclusion, as if the show's run was ending. Everything, every issue is tied up in a neat bow, squeezed into the final two episodes. It all seemed a bit rushed (which would explain the Stametz/Adira relationship).
    Also, I felt the final episode had a few too many convenient escapes and technobabble solutions; Burnham should not be captain, and Osira's death was unnecessary.

    I do want to take issue with the assessment of Osira unwilling to sacrifice herself. I actually think the admiral was being somewhat self-righteous, given what was on the table. He was willing to reject peace and a reasonable path to restoring the Federation just to bring her to justice. In truth, what was the Federation sacrificing for the deal? What was their compromise? The entire exchange gave Osira a layer of surprising complexity that I enjoyed; there was a lack of certainty as to who was really on the side of a better future. I believe her offer was sincere, and made for a more interesting narrative, which the showrunners bailed on; opting for the more traditional, simple, audience-pleasing good v. bad scenario.

    While, overall, season 3 was a real improvement, I feel it squandered some intriguing possibilities which could have carried over into subsequent seasons.

  7. Why do people who hate discovery keep watching it? Your time on earth is so limited my dude, watch something you enjoy

    I fucking live discovery and i been watching since TOS. I really hate how overly negative and reactionary trekkers have become because this whole fandom loves a show about open mindedness, kindness, and progressivism

  8. Just a complete disaster. The season started off great, the burn, man I was really hoping to see some amazing explanation….only to find it was a guy…upset….about the tragic death of his mother. That’s it. What?!

  9. This season was better than 1 and 2. But then when it was bad it was really bad. When Michael goes into the Trill pool to save Adira, instead of say, oh I don't know, another Trill! When Michael is the one person who can talk to the Benzite Dad on the seed repository even though there's another Benzite in the landing party. Or Admiral Vance talking about how his daughter learned math by drawing. And that's you too Mikey, not doing things the right way but still coming out on top somehow. And giving everyone around you a freaking heart attack in so doing. It's as if the producers took the criticisms of seasons 1 and 2 and came away with, we need one of the other characters to say that Mikey is bestest for the job. And then fans will be happy.

  10. I think my biggest criticism of this season might be the fact that they killed off Osyraa so quickly, and did away with the Emerald Chain. One thing Discovery really needs to work on in my eyes is its antagonists, because it really hasn't delivered a memorable one in my eyes since Lorca in Season 1, and Osyraa really had a lot of potential here to be an intriguing antagonist in ways similar to how Dukat was in DS9. I was genuinely interested in the conflicts between the Chain and the Federation, and seeing it end as quick as it did just made it feel like a sorely missed opportunity.

    On Burnham's captainship, as much as I absolutely adore Captain Saru, and hope to see him return to such a role, whether it be on Discovery, or another ship, I will disagree on Burnham's growth here. She really does feel like a completely different character from Unification III onward. Seeing her make some of the truly difficult decisions she had to make in these final episodes, compared to her rash and reckless behavior in the earlier parts of the episode made her captainship in my eyes feel earned, and I am genuinely curious to see where Discovery will go under her leadership. And yes, it's cool to see the first lead woman of color take that captainship. While I do wish that she had more time as Saru's XO, and I genuinely believe their chemistry is among the best of the show, I only look forward in seeing how this development will affect their relationship.

    I do believe that Discovery as a whole can still learn a few lessons in terms of pacing, because the clunky narrative definitely is a staple in each finale of the show so far, but I do believe that this was the strongest season of the show so far as well. I believe that Burnham is developing into a much better lead, I believe that the crew is starting to stand out in better ways, and the worldbuilding of this season was fantastic (Ni'Var in particular was a true highlight for me), and I am only excited to see where we go from here as we explore this new era.

  11. Don't let the conservative snowflakes get you down, the anti-SJWs are the true SJWs never seen a group get triggered more, but projection is just what conservatives do, they are NPCs with daddy issues after all so you can't blame them too much they unironically like Jordan Peterson for goodness sake. Anyway Season 3 I loved, except episode 8 and the finale, that being said I think the finale while many of the arcs felt a bit rushed and I never did give a fuck about Osyra or find her an imposing villain, I think the finale leaves the show in a great place for soft-reboot territory like if it moves into a more episodic format with reunifying the Federation is in the background on the back burner but with the main focus back on one off adventures and character relationships if they do that I think it'll rock.

  12. Personally, I can't really stand the show. But hey, if you can find some enjoyment from it good for you man 🙂 Really nice breakdown on what stood out and how it improved

  13. So Star Trek Discovery to me had a rocky first season. It did feel like at first they were not really sure where they were going. That changed with season two which i feel was setting the foundation for what would be the rest of the series. Season 3 was friggin awesome. the most star trek series to come out since TNG.

  14. I've disliked this lazy illogical and Continuity busting show, I loved lower decks because it felt like Star Trek. Discovery fits in to continuity like an elephant in a hen house, it's worst crime for me is it's so packed with fluff and vampire drains off the rest of Star Trek bin all the worst ways. For me the Trills have never been put in human just shows that these writers never watched the TNG episode where they first appeared and the Symobiant was put in very human Lt Riker, but this lazy show I hope doesn't come back I give in 2/10

  15. I watch this channel mostly because the content is interesting. Also, as I don't watch or plan to watch this show, I'm curious as to how RJC views the series whether it lines up with how I feel about or not. You can't fault someone for liking or disliking a show/film (that's not true fandom imo). I am curious as to the why which is why I continue watching this and a few other channels… they watch it so I don't need to, hehe.

  16. It's sad that the science in the show is nonexistent. In previous Trek, they sometimes got things wrong, but overall, they did alright. With post-JJ Trek it's as if they had now science advisors whatsoever. Previous Trek encouraged legions of people to go into STEM fields. Modern Trek is just a massive brain drain. 🙁

  17. I hope this is the last season. I just can't take what Kurtzman and JJ's spawn have done to the franchise. It's just exhausting. It's still just generic sci-fi and not Trek. :/

  18. Think the last episode was the only one where they didnt needlessly whisper when trying to emote.

    PS. Have no idea why people liked/wanted captain Saru, he'd dont literally nothing to earn that or make that feel like the right "thing".

  19. Was it good? NO!!! Can't wait until the Secret Hideout Contract is cancelled in 2023 and Paramount can get proper Star Trek writers instead of the current children soap opera writers.

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