Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Review | Episodes 10 – FINALE

Die Onerous Area Jesus goes on adventures and succeeds. Tilly turns into captain. Sound in area! TV Business actors staff up and have lengthy winded …

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20 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Review | Episodes 10 – FINALE

  1. Okay. I'm used to following Nerdrotic's recaps without having watched, I can usually make sense of the awful story. What. The hell. Is this. Is this show done by Twitter bots? Am I having a fever dream?

  2. The mindset of the people behind STD is totally alien to me.
    On one hand they want to use the Star Trek brand to create a show based on that established brand.
    But on the other hand they totally disregard the content of said brand in terms of lore, timeline, tone, established tropes, worldbuilding etc to push their own, conflicting narrative.
    And then they are confused on why this show is met with so much hostility from previous fans.
    Am I missing something here?

  3. In space, EVERYONE can hear you scream, because sound travels instantaneously through a vacuum. Unfortunately, no one will care.

  4. At this point I am reasonably sure that the only point of this show is to make Trek fans kill themselves.

    I am able to detect this because I was born near propaganda specialists larping as sci-fi writers.

  5. So, lemme get this straight. This show(and others like it)is telling me to "buy shit, eat shit, and like it"! No thank you. I'd rather get anal probed!

  6. Discovery S3 was:

    1) If judged against other Star Trek – Quite the worst, supine, 'fan fiction' standard garbage I've ever seen…

    2) If judged against itself – not totally bad but 'The Burn' was a joke and the sickly 'neediness' embarrassing!

    Improve it or end it!

  7. I hate this idea that EVENTS must take priority.
    Screw it, that is what they all want, to be living in all our heads 24/7.
    The sooner we all just tap out from living in a state of agitation all the time, the sooner we can get back to living better lives.

  8. Shit happening instantaneously all over the universe is something that happens in later The Expanse books, when humans (Laconians) piss off the things that killed protomolecule creators. It makes sense there and makes none here because there's no context.

  9. "A toast to Georgiou!!" the mass murdering, cannibal psychopath who just "looks" like Burnham's former Captain, who hung about on the ship for a few weeks.

  10. Season 1 Ending – One crazy Klingon woman holding a remote control, asking Klingon High Council to bow to her. Amazingly, they did! Klingon High Council members IQ = 0????

    Season 2 Ending – 88 crews decide to follow Female Space Messiah to the future, with almost a certainty that there's no chance of cmg back. These crews, their IQ = 0??????????

    Season 3 Ending – A child cry, Federation died, WTF???? And all the sudden, Booker just able to do Spore Drive out of nowhere?????

    Let's speculate a bit on S4. In some remote planet, Discovery found inhabitants were infected with some super plague, a few crews were infected and dying. They somehow managed to find out that Burnham's poop actually is the cure of the plague. So they engineered a vaccine based on Burnham's poop. Well, Mikey is so awesome her poop can cure cancer I am sure.

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