Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Breakdown, Explanations and Next Season Hints!?!?

Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 13 “That Hope is You Half 2” Breakdown, Evaluate and Easter Eggs What Did I Miss is an Leisure, Movie and …

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21 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Breakdown, Explanations and Next Season Hints!?!?

  1. Loved the finale, although I wasn't too crazy about the turbo lift scenes – the cavern just seemed so massive and out of place. I was worried about Owo too. She's human, right? Is she genetically enhanced? I ask because it shouldn't be biologically possible for humans to hold their breath for that long. I hope the next season remains true to Discovery and doesn't revert to the classic trek trope of going from planet to planet to "save" people and "solve" their problems.

  2. I felt the reason for the burn was a huge let down. It would have been better to use the Omega particle from Voyager. The writers don't use the tools it has available in canon to make better plots. I loved the 2 mirror universe episodes. They were the highlight of the season for me.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. I still think the show's explanation for the Burn is weak, but it's thematically sound.
    I was also glad Owo didn't cop it. Unlike Arium's death last season, which I didn't give a single toss about – 'oh no. Robowoman is dead…' I'd have missed Owo.
    As for Burnham… I wouldn't have put her in the chair. As clever and fast-thinking as she is, she's a loose cannon.

  4. Let's just hope Strange New Worlds doesn't become the turd that Discovery has turned out be. So disappointing. One long and very boring story that hopes the (awesome) CGI will make up for it. Woeful at best. Shame.

  5. I have to wonder if Grudge and Booker are a refrence to a certain SF story called 'A Game of Rat and Dragon' by Cordwainer Smith, where the Cpt and his cat have a special bond

  6. You pointed out the callback that both Burnham like Kirk does not believe in no-win situations. Throughout this season, I've felt that of all the ST Captains, Burnham reminds me most of TOS Kirk. Which isn't all that surprising as they are from the same generation originally. Just what the 32nd century needs, cowboy diplomacy.
    Also, every iteration of Star Trek from TOS to Picard and LD has had it's share of haters. Among the most vilified series at the time of airing, DS9 & VOY are now considered by many to be best of class shows. Discovery is in good company.

  7. Why the used and abused comic relief in your video? Don't see them adding something but distraction and making you video less serious.

  8. I think the Roddenberry quote is also there because this year is 100 years since his birth and 30 years since his death.

  9. All the nit picky comments you of you so called fans have really gotten under my skin. Star Trek is a work of science fiction, get it "fiction". It does not have to make sense or line up with your way of thinking. The characters do not have to act and behave the way you think they should. If you want to have so much input then become a writer and start your own show. until then, shut up and enjoy the show, it was a great season, "NUFF SAID"

  10. A trivial series, the worst ST series ever .. boring episodes, obvious plots, trivial characters, ridiculous event resolution!

  11. How did Owo get to the necell if the are not connected to the ship anymore? 🤔
    The stark contrast, bright lights and flickering of this episode gave me a big fat migraine. I can only imagine what happens to people suffering from epilepsy trying to watch this. The episodes directed by Jonathan Frakes are so much kinder on the eyes.
    Story wise I thought it was a great finale, it’s just really hard to watch, even with the darkest settings on my device.
    Awesome review 🙌🏻

  12. I like Discovery and have enjoyed much of it but this episode confused me a lot and left me kinda baffled and unsettled. How can Book use the spore drive when its been well established that only Stamets can? Book not only operated it but got them to the dilithium planet so he was fully in control as they didn't have a warp core – This made ridiculous everything they've set up previously – is the actor playing Stamets leaving the show maybe? Also it has to be asked – where the hell are these massive voids in the ship where turbolifts float about? Logic just straight out the window there… A little thing but when was Discovery swallowed by the enemy ship? – did I miss this? I was lost at that point. Another thing I wondered was why does the vast firepower of all the other Federation ships NOT really damage or destroy Discovery when it has been hijacked? I know this is a positive review and I feel Im being bad when I post this but I think the storyline that followed the bridge crew trapped below decks damaged their characters. They seemed weak and ineffective through most of it but they did succeed, well one did, in dropping it out of warp. I was sorry to see Tilly in particular become so ineffective and they've been pegging her down for weeks tbh. If she can be a badass captain in the alternate universe she could have been here too. There were more things that left me confused but thats what I remember. I'm not surprised Michael is captain now as she is good but in many ways flawed and that makes her interesting. She will have to "whisper act" less as captain though 🤣 – she loves whispering her lines – I'd like to see more flawed characters like her in the show. There was a bit too much loving looks and hugging acting from the rest of the cast. I also hope the next season shows more badass behaviour from secondary cast members who I felt were let down in this season. I Hope Siroo isn't being written out. His dynamic interaction with Michael and Tilly is great. Glad we got to see the real actors face this season. That makeup must be hell to go through every day. Anyway I enjoyed most of the season, but this episide was like – wtf?

  13. I do some catch-up lately and watched 3 full seasons of Discovery in Netflix. TBH, it was really very very bad. A child cry wipe out Federation? What da hell those writers were thinking?

  14. Thankfully the last 2 episodes had much less hugging, crying, hugging and crying, group hugs and team feedback sessions! This series remains lost with no underlying story, still dont know the names of the bridge crew or their stories and for a least this episode a permanent captain? The ship is trying hard to loose its ugliness, the elevator scene was rubbish. No fear that a leading or a leading non diverge character will never be allowed. Has been a real waste, which is a shame as this had promise, will be interesting if this returns for another season…

  15. My first thought at season end was that the Discovery crew now works for FedEx since their mission is now to deliver dilithium throughout the old Federation.

  16. It's been kinda surreal to have 23 straight weeks of Trek. Let's start with my negatives for this episode.  I'm a little disappointed that we didn't actually get to see mother Burnham kick some regulator ass. Also I'm a bit upset that Tilly didn't get to end Zareh given the bs he said in earlier episodes. Ok now to the positive. So the burn isn't as stupid as it seemed. We know there's species of fish that basically have antifreeze blood, so this isn't that far fetched in a universe where there's a species of space whales. So, Voyager is a flagship,  I can't wait to see more of her. Ni'Var has ships, and they can fight. This episode felt like a 90s movie, and that's not a bad thing. From more of the crew being John McClain to Book's triumphant "SHE'S A QUEEN " as he boots Zareh out of the Turbolift to DOT's help to save Owo(seriously TEARS). Some SERIOUS dad vibes from Vance, Saru and Culber. I understand why people would be upset about Saru leaving and Michael becoming Captain. But, I don't think Doug will be leaving Discovery,  also we knew from the outset this was Michael's show. I am SO glad we saw Lieutenant Sahil again.  All in all I'm excited for the future

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