Star Trek Discovery Season 3 FINALE: A Nonsensical FARSE!!

It is the season finale for Star Trek Discovery and it was an absolute load of nonsensical TRASH!! It made no sense as they tried to tie up free ends and ofc finish …

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36 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 FINALE: A Nonsensical FARSE!!

  1. Just a quick question: if you don't like it, why you watch it?? Just simply stop watching it and your life is better. If you want to make this kind of videos, maybe you should have watched the show more carefully. Discovery was upgraded to the same technology as the other ships 900 years in the future. Then maybe put some time and think about the physics of what would a warp core explosion do in such proximity to HQ especially in an enclosed space inside the black shields of Federation HQ. Then put some time in strategic thinking and think if you would destroy a ship with a propulsion system like the spore drive (that nobody else in the universe has). Maybe i am to stupid or maybe i am to smart but in that situation (even if it's not explicitly said in the show) i would have tried to "disable" Discovery instead to destroy it or at least have a progression of force and not full on from the beginning. Hey wait a moment! This last sentence sound like Star Trek or better said the federation philosophy! So you are bashing Star Trek for doing things Star Trek or bashing the federation for acting like the federation.
    You and many of the people below here should stop watch any new Star Trek and just go watch the old series because i think it's the only thing that is right for you. If you find the time, please take a step back and watch those old series with objectivity. Star Trek was never perfect in any show, there was ridicule things or errors in all of the series and STD is not different.
    Do i find example the make up strange?? Sure but it's ok, it's just a detail that you see on screen for a 2 minutes or so!
    I can tell you that some years back before STD and the Orville started, i was full on the Orville but mid season I enjoyed STD more and still am even if i had my difficulty wrapping my head around the Klingons of S1 but it was not the first time i had to do that (See original serie and TNG).
    If i have to choose between fart jokes of an Orville and a strange make up on a Vulkan in STD, i choose STD.

  2. Disco is a Canadian thing so that should explain everything, I didn't even see the dick head thing so thanks and yea 'it' is correct if the trans folk are going to use they/them. Oh whats that reader it is a description of property well so's they/them. Turbo lift is bigger on the inside I felt was a nod to doctor who another really bad final but thankfully Whittaker is calling it quits so bring on Doctor I'm a woman trapped in a mans body. I'd like to ask how'd black women get into the nacelles aren't they supposed to be detached and if you watch the scene there not. Book can communicate with anything of the lesser beings so that was why he was in the spore drive, to talk with the mushrooms but yea the show needs to end and I thought it was having heard that because of covid the sets had been dismantled

  3. lmao, god damn dude.. Here I thought season 3 was an improvement but watch this video just nuked Discovery from orbit. I was laughing with your comments the last few mins of your video with how down to earth your comments were and its all true. But with that said I hope the lgtbq+ and colored community doesnt come after you.. This series ticked all those boxes, I remember seeing ds9 and one of those who managed that series was upset he didnt do more for lgtbq+ colored community… I agree this series was so focused on that it didn't live up to what could of been an amazing show that lived on for decades like ST tng, and ST ds9 etc… Sad thing is with all its faults this show isn't re watchable let alone legendary like old series. We see all the flaws between what thtose old series great and this has non of thtose. And its just sad for Star trek fans. Especially those in the 40+ age range who loved the 3 series after the original.

  4. Has anybody counted how often burnham cried ? I can feel the face palm of Picard watching this. I can’t imagine Janeway blubbering in the mess hall.

  5. Worst Star Trek ever. Even DS9 was true and real and it didn’t even go anywhere. 3 minutes of Worf on the the defiant was more exciting than 3 seasons of this SJW crap.

  6. Good lord some of the ugliest characters I have ever seen. Doug Jones is awesome though. Probably the only good thing about this show and I don't even watch it.

  7. Oh no no, those weren't Nazi uniforms. That uniform grey and the stiff collar? Look at Soviet uniforms. The discovery will be the harbinger of the new galactic soviet republic.

  8. You didn’t mention how that robot dragged the black lady crew member (no name) down a ladder (!?) to save her, and how Mikey (with a knackered leg) somehow kicked the ass of the most violent Orion war lord ( a woman of course) – quite easily I thought considering 🤔 so so bad . So much wrong . Loved your review tho !!!

  9. I couldn't even stomach the first episode of season 3. the show is absolute nonsensical bullshit. season 1 was good, season 2 was…ok with some good parts. neither was really star trek, but i was into it enough to stick around

  10. The season premiere started with the burn and a non-existent federation. There was actually potential there…. and what we got was that. Well it’s definitely not story or character driven.

  11. I am a Trek fan and have been since I was a child. You haters out there need to stop and look closer at how this show promotes Gene's vision for the future. This is a really good show if you take the time to get out of your mom's basement and look at it with a new set of eyes. I hope it did not get canceled. BTW…you are a troll. Just the fact that you are doing a video on a show that you hate is nothing more than a money grab for you. You are also a homophobe. Get off Youtube man….you suck.

  12. What do you expect the show to be normal and boring living a life of reality then you need to get a reality job instead of criticizing

  13. Dr. Gay? Seriously? I would have preferred to have been to another doctor, for example Dr. Fat. And I understand that not everyone understands what the episode is about, I'll tell you. Now please put your fatty chips aside and listen: the dark being embodies a person's own shadow parts, and as long as these are not looked at and perceived, many things in your life will not change for the better. Ok, you are also thousands of years ahead of people from a bygone era, and yet you comment on something you do not understand and use nothing other than clichés and joking at the expense of others. Well, let me say: simple food for the simple mind. I am happy that youtube serves all mental directions.

  14. I’ve been a massive defender of Star Trek discovery because I think opprobrium directed at it is WAY over the top. But that finale was bad, I mean bad Bad. I was actually pissed off

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