STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 4: Trill Explained & Easter Eggs!

Burnham and Adira go to the planet Trill whereas Saru makes an attempt to assist the crew really feel related. Greg and Chastity break down the plot and Easter eggs from “Neglect …

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33 thoughts on “STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 4: Trill Explained & Easter Eggs!

  1. How did they know where the Trill home world was ? The Trills were not mentioned in TOS, nor in STTNG, they first appeared in DS9 which is way after the time they came from. So either Burnam brought on board updated data from the Federation Starbase she was on, or they got some updated historical data on Federation member races and former member races from Earth.

  2. How is it that William Riker able to host for a short time and not die looks I’m going to have to rewatch an episode of ng

  3. Maybe you and your fans can help me out because I seem to have missed something. Adira and Gray were on a "generational ship" searching for the Federation. In her restored memories she's more or less the same age as we see in the present. Such a ship would have presumably been some distance from Earth, meaning some time had passed, when that asteroid struck and the transfer took place. How did Adira get back to Earth to join the Defense Force while staying as young as she is w/o any type of FTL drive? Was this explained in some fashion in Ep. 2? If so, what scene?

  4. This episode was a masterpiece. It had all the aspects of a traditional star trek episode and more. Despite the fears I had of this newer series being mostly computer effects and only action with and fantasy , this was actually science fiction, I love that they brought back the concept of the Trill symbiants from DS9 and cant wait to find out more about her past hosts.. very intriguing, the acting was stupendous, and felt like it tied in perfectly with the other series, doing more than justice to the legacy! They should all be very proud of this work. Hopefully there will more to come like this.

  5. It's the first star Trek series I've watched, I tried watching the earlier ones but they look terrible because they're so dated, I don't generally have any idea what's happening, your videos help a bit with that, but I don't really mind not knowing what's happening, I love how all the wokeness annoys the hillbillies

  6. I know many fans want to focus on the history of star trek, but honestly who under 20 cares about the first, second, third or fourth generation. The fact is it's a tv show and I'm happy to have more entertaining sci-fi with very good acting and visual elements. I could never be so critical, because I can't come up with better. I'm sure some will hate what I'm saying, but if we don't accept that it's entertainment then why would they make anymore star trek? A open mind will cause more series in the future. So focus on the positive as well.

  7. I'm sorry you insist but after this episode there is no longer any doubt that Discovery is a fantasy series, can anyone deny it? has become the opposite of what G.R. wanted it to be

  8. The Discovery computer is becoming sentient, no doubt now that season 3 is a loose remake of the Andromeda TV series, because of the Computer is similar to Rommie. I'm pretty sure that once Discovery is been upgraded the Computer will be given a humanoid avatar or an android body.

  9. I was also hoping for a Culbar (?) centric episode, it’s always fun when we get to learn more about the secondary characters, but this episode was obviously focused on Adria’s growth. I was thrilled to see Roni from Schitt’s Creek this episode 😁 I wonder if shows reference old times comedy bits like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin because they are in the public domain? Not that their comedy isn’t still funny, just there are so many more relevant comedies to choose from

  10. So, that just happened.  First of all,  fun to see that 830 years later and the Trill government are still MASSIVE DICKS. Isoboramine levels, the spots, the gowns…..the pools all LOOKED AMAZING. Also Adira and Grey are SO EFFING CUTE. Being accepted by the Tal symbiote and saying the names made me tear up. I really loved how Michael was Adira's guide, just as a first officer should. Saru is an MVP here, not only for putting the puzzle together,  but for listening to her guidance and not only trying the dinner party (vindication for Detmer having PTSD and trying to be strong because she's the pilot…..I've been in that headspace) but also for Buster Keaton. Special shootouts to Culber and Tilly. Their scenes were so freaking amazing.  This is the bar. Now let's see what heights this bar gets to by the season finale

  11. Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode and giving the interesting connection to Star Trek history. I like the episode and feel it is going in a wonderful direction. I did like the scene where the computer connects with the spire data. it was another emotional episode Well written and wonderfully acted.

  12. Simple solution … create a new future … allow couples to marry and have children … this way the past will quickly be not so important.

  13. 1) The Short Trek you're referencing, Calypso, doesn't fit in the timeline anymore. Leading popular theory is it's an alternate series of events. Burnham says they should send the ship through the wormhole alone with no crew. It'll be in the future and not of any concern. Human life exists so it clearly worked but the ship, or Zora, says she's been there nearly a thousand years. At no point does she say that the crew have left and are waiting to return. She only says that she's been ordered to maintain position. Craft is the one who says she's waiting. Craft also calls people the V'Draysh which would place it in our current time or about then. It's after the burn because Craft is shocked at seeing warp capable shuttles. But it doesn't seem to fit anymore unless there's an episode in which the crew are on a planet for a thousand years before coming back and then going back in time.
    2) You got Georgiou right. Yay.
    3) I have PTSD and the second that Detmer white knuckled the table I knew what was going to happen. I've been there before. Not so much the violent blood and near death stuff but the severe attacks that make you… break. For lack of a better word. I'm really glad to see this put into the show and I'm curious how it'll play out.

  14. I don’t get why people say it’s new Michael mode. It’s been consistent to her character from the pilot. She is warmer more Kirk like, but she’s still acts without considering the consequences.

    As for Zhora, go watch calypso again it’s neither vision or ultron. More like Zen from Blake’s 7. A sentient master system that runs the ship.

    I really loved this episode. This is the trek I’ve been looking for. The disastrous family dinner and the scene that followed was terrific.

    Stamet’s apology to Tilly was truly meaningful.

    Seriously go back to Calypso, Zhora was entirely benevolent. .

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