Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Trailer & Sneak Peek!

I check out the trailer and sneak peek scene from the season finale of Star Trek Discovery Episode 13 entitled “That Hope Is You, Half 2” and see what we …

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28 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Trailer & Sneak Peek!

  1. Remember when Star Trek seasons were 20+ episodes each? 13 episodes just seems so short! And that seems to be most new Sci-fi/Fantasy shows nowadays… when did 10~15 episodes become the default for the length of a season?

  2. I just don't like the burn being caused by a child's tantrum. For me, it's silly that a kid killed the galaxy; I'm fine with natural causes, but this is just weird.

  3. MB will be a one woman army and save the day. The sphere data helping Tilly will probably be intrumental. This season went by too fast who knows how long we will have to wait.

  4. thanks, so intriguing and although off the traditional trk law,Discovery really shows great drama in it's conflict and reach down deep try hard. Very challenging keeps you swallowing your tongue. It's difficult script writing even following it. Overall In love it and do not care about trek lore. Super intriguing so off the cuff. Fullnof newness keeps you guessing

  5. I wonder if they are going to leave poor Sahil still hanging there and finally let him know what is really going on with the Federation

  6. Discovery has become total nonsense, feels like I'm watching emerdale, and a very boring epidose at that. So much equality constantly shoved in you face, it's cringe. Can't wait for pike and episodic star trek to return.

  7. This would be such a ok show if the writers could resist the urge to make somebody cry every damn episode. I'm so sick of all the crying that is driving me crazy. But than of course there comes a scene where Burnham MUST CRY. Every damn episode BURNHAM MUST CRY. And it is better if she usually finds a partner in crime and so THEY CAN CRY TOGETHER. Because this is drama. Well it's not. I will not hate the show because I love the show. But I hate all the crying. And because we have a season finale incoming I presume next week everybody cries and Burnham will cry at least 3 times … Because why not? Crying will bring emotions to the viewers. Yes dear writers they are bringing emotions to me. But not the ones you want …

  8. I’ve enjoyed this season for the most part. But the last couple of episodes haven’t been the best. I feel like this whole timeline undercuts the whole NextGen era. Especially the Dominion War. That war decides which Direction the Galaxy would go in. The Federation and its allies won. What had become of those sacrifices. What has become of the Gamma and Delta Quandrant. What of the Bajoran Wormhole. Lots of unanswered questions

  9. That is a killer bar set up in the background. And your lighting looks great despite not being in your usual set up! Quality stuff 👌.

  10. I’m pretty satisfied regarding the Burn’s cause. It had nothing to do with Micheal Burnham. Literally my only criteria for acceptable.

    The fact the Burn seems caused by crazy space science is fun for me. We’ve had people be reincarnated in a clone body physiologically attached to a planet spontaneously terraformed by force.

    A man-child who explodes due to radiation and stress is Trek to me. As Trek as Charlie X.

    I think Hue’s assessment of how the child survived is wrong. In the teaser he points out Saru’s wounds and offers a treatment. There no reason for him to know this unless he’s seen it’s effect on the burns before. His holographic companions wouldn’t need any healing. It must’ve been his mom who treated him with what he’s offering Saru.

    Or maybe Hue’s right but the medicine treats the burns and offers resistance to the radiation. Only the child was immune. Eventually everyone else died.

  11. I have a feeling this Starfleet would be destroyed of heavily damage. Implying that maybe a new Starfleet will be born? Idk… From the admiral it sounds like it

  12. Will Book be saying goodbye to Discovery, or will Burnham save the day.. I liked the bots, wearing star trek insignia to show which side they are on..

  13. The discovery was in the emerald ship before it exploded, people think the sphere data ai blew up the discovery to be reconstructed by the repair bots that have been shown more in this eppisode

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