Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 "That Hope is You Part 2" [Trailer and Sneak Peek]

Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 13 “That Hope is You Half 2” Trailer and Sneak Peek What Did I Miss is an Leisure, Movie and Tv Channel …

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 "That Hope is You Part 2" [Trailer and Sneak Peek]

  1. This show is bad beyond redemption. It's more about embracing new minorities than science fiction. Give it up already, you are killing this franchise.

  2. Frankly, I feel that Sonequa Martin-Green is out of her depth. Her acting is too inconsistent, unbelievable, and preachy. I respect the woman, but the acting is NOT there. I've been on stage, and have been on a film-set or two. Discovery is all about agenda, gender, and role-models; NOT about science-fiction. Period. Simply look at 'The Mandalorian.' Lucasfilm LEARNED a hard lesson. Worry about agendas and gender-representation another time. Make a excellent show first. Pay the bills first. 'Build it, and they will come.'

  3. TV suicide if the federation falls; would be a DUMB move.
    I predict the beginning of the end for the Emerald Chain, and the Fed of Planets licks its wounds
    and harvests the new batch of Dilithium, then storms back from semi-obscurity. The Kelpian man-child with be harnessed,
    and the use of warp drive will now be safe, now that he is removed from the area. MAYBE Starfleet's HQ will be kaput…
    BUT the can return to a planet (maybe someday EARTH). No clue on Vance's fate, I rather see him stay… he reminds me of George Harrison. 🙂

    Any other outcome , to me, will render this series "inert".

  4. If the discovery gets destroyed I don’t think it’ll go back to the Origional Crossfield look maybe the sphere data will rebuild discovery yes

    But we’re does this leave starfleet head quarters if that’s destroyed will the EDF have them back ?

  5. Yeah i hope star trek disco flies into a black hole and never come back. I already gave it a thumb down on netflix 😃 wait they already did that 😞

  6. Anyone else notice some pop culture references like Alpha 5 the Power Rangers Robot from the movie that looks similar to the sphere data robots. Also Teemo from League of Legends. The second one could be more of a coincidence.

  7. I think the 'surprise' in this episode will be the Vulcan/Romulans will turn up and save the day. Seemed pointless her sending that message if it doesnt lead to anything. I also am starting to think the federation doesnt exist at all and Starfleet is separately trying to hold order with no real planetary just seemed too odd that Vance was allowed to do everything to negotiate with the chain and we havent seen a single federation planet or facility other than hq which is not on a planet

  8. I dont understand why Rin and Book felt like they needed to stay behind in the ready room? Why not go with the crew?

  9. Well if trek experience close in Vegas years ago, least the city should reopen soon with refunded casinos and maybe trek amusement parks soon!

  10. If Discovery gets destroyed how will they rescue Saru and crew unless the crew escapes with Book ship, I like the review and thanks.

  11. Great predictions although that face looks like Osyraa and not a human face. I also think that the e plosion who are referring to may in fact be the discovery initiating a spore jump? Just my own prediction. Great video though!

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