Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 – "That Hope Is You, Part 2" REVIEW & Breakdown!

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33 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 – "That Hope Is You, Part 2" REVIEW & Breakdown!

  1. 1. Burnham should have felt for that rivet nub when she sat in the Captain's chair.
    2. Way to much wasted space inside the ship for the turbolifts; (is Star Trek stealing from Doctor Who again).
    3. Hope to see Saru back as an Ambassador as they rebuild the Federation.

  2. This is not Star Trek, this should be called Burnam's journey or something similar. 3 seasons we had to watch here "jurney". This is not Star Trek and is by far the worse star trek series ever made. Vfx are amazing, everything else is garbage. Garbage pure. And yes i am a huge fan of Star Trek sitting with my little model ships NCC-1701-D behind me.

  3. Absolutely superb ending to the third series. Honestly I wasn't to sure about Season one, Season Two was pretty excellent & Season Three was awesome. I do like the way the stories are more connected, TOS & TNG were a too disjointed and contradictory at times. DS0 (my favourite) started slowly but ended up with the best character development and the best writing- even better than Voyager. Enterprise was a bit of a let down to be honest, I wanted to like it but….
    I still think Babylon 5 is the best space Sci-Fi TV series ever written though – they way the threads of the story intertwined is amazing. The Expanse however is a very close second, I love the way they have adapted the books, very impressive!

  4. YOU MISSED A IMPORTANT ERROR. The bomb blew up and one of the rear tails broke off before taking the Discovery out of warp. Then in the scene where they save the others on the dilithium planet the tail is magically fixed.

  5. I am so tired of so called fans with there constant complaining. "This is wrong and that is wrong", etc. That's why this is SCIENCE FICTION. It does not have to make sense.. Just watch the show, enjoy it , the great acting, special effects and move on. That's why you are just a fan. If you know so much, write your own show and get it produced. Stop complaining, you are not that important…

  6. I was hoping some other nefarious cause of the burn, like the return of Species 8472, somebody who didn’t use dilithium after crippling the galaxy.

    Vance mentioned his own family, at the end, maybe he leaves and Saru becomes Dadmiral?

  7. Yeah, well….we reached season 3 final – same rushed, cringe, illogical writing – only good characters are Cpt. Saru and Admiral Charles Vance which had some character development during the season, although at the end Vance had so comply with the script and completely throw all progress out the window.

    When i think of Michael, tbh all i remember about her is how she cries in each scene where personal connections are made (or are forced to be made by writing)
    And WHERE is the crew? this ship has like 15-20 people on it? the turbo lift scene from last episode got me laughing soooo hard – like how big is Discovery? it seemed like a whole city is in there.

    Thing is that Star Trek isn't a show with a 13 episodes/season – its just not enough to truly develop plots, characters, etc

    The writers really need to watch Kathryn Janeway and learn how a woman can be a badass, a leader, a warrior and a lady, especially because they don't have the luxury of 26 episodes/season.

    Just my 2c. Peace.

  8. During the turbolift scene I couldn't stop recalling the door scene from Monsters Inc… killed the immersion somewhat haha

  9. I've been watching season 3 and find it increasingly difficult to finish each episode. I was about 20 minutes into episode 13 and had to turn it off. The huge push for LBGTQ has been a disaster and will end up costing them millions as the fan base dwindles. Nothing wrong with LBGTQ, it just does not mix well with SciFi…….at all. LBGTQ does well with real life reality drama, just not in space.

  10. Thank you for your regular reviews, I really enjoy your unbiased views and opinions of trek. I’m excited to watch season 4, and your videos. 👌🏼

  11. Georguo had recommended Michael for captain back in season 1 episode 1, so nice to see an amazing redemption journey

  12. They've given the idea to empty space in the discovery a few times in Season 2 & 3, but not to the degree of this episode

  13. i guess the re-fir replaced old-school railed elvators with programable matter that builds an array that the pods uses.
    it's less mass and has less mailfunctions.

  14. What a waste of computer cycles. This show is beyond pathetic. It has mutated into a woman/gay-centric parody that is basically unwatchable.

  15. I thought they were going to leave the cliffhanger as her considering the decision. LMAO I cheered like it was football when the scene continued. 😂

  16. I'm confused. "Prepare to beam up," while the environment is falling apart – do they have to stand a particular way?

  17. Seeing her in that chair was awesome!!! I do feel they should have more episodes per season I think thats why everything feels so rushed. I think this last episode was the best minus the turbolift!😉

  18. A person with a connection to subspace would be able to travel through subspace. Subspace is accessed by warping reality around the object with the warp nacelles so that the object doesn't travel but the warp bubble does. So if the Kelpian left behind was connected to subspace, he would have been jumping through known-space randomly.

  19. Polyploidy doesn't produce genetic mutations that allow you to INTERACT with radiation – polyploidy results in either death or less effective biological units. INTENSE RADIATION DISRUPTS biology – like in the dilithium planet. E.g. it takes very little radon to kill humans. It's why we test for it.

  20. Discovery S3 was:
    1) If judged against other Star Trek – Quite the worst, supine, 'fan fiction' standard garbage I've ever seen…
    2) If judged against itself – not totally bad but 'The Burn' was a joke and the sickly 'neediness' embarrassing!
    Improve it or end it!

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