Star Trek Discovery – Season 3 Episode 13 "That Hope Is You, Part 2" – PREVIEW & Breakdown

The Season three Finale of Star Trek Discovery is true right here! Because the Emerald Chain tightens its grip and the thriller of the Burn is lastly solved, Burnham and the …

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21 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery – Season 3 Episode 13 "That Hope Is You, Part 2" – PREVIEW & Breakdown

  1. I've been watching season 3 and find it increasingly difficult to finish each episode. I was about 20 minutes into episode 13 and had to turn it off. The huge push for LBGTQ has been a disaster and will end up costing them millions as the fan base dwindles. Nothing wrong with LBGTQ, it just does not mix well with SciFi…….at all. LBGTQ does well with real life reality drama, just not in space.

  2. This season made me a fan. S03. Little wonky but i dont care. With mandalorian and discovery ive been sucked into the star trek and star wars fandom when i used to really not care. But wow some of the comments have some pretty angry old fans.

  3. I liked the ending as it looks like something fresh and cool can come next season. The emerald chain was kinda dumb anyway. Some funny things though…. all those federation ships firing on discovery can't prevent the warp engines working . I guess the weapons of the future aren't very good – that was not believable at all. Also when the chain is about to launch the big weapon burnham says stop and they do haha I think the best thing was the message about the connections in sentient beings and working together. This season was a bit off for me but i think next season might actually be a lot better with rebuilding the federation. thankfully they finally got the right uniforms and got rid of captain tilly ……

  4. Is Discovery getting a new captain every season or what? Season 1 Lorca, season 2 Pike, season 3 Saru, and it looks like season 4 (assuming there is one) is Burnam. I don't buy the explanation of "the burn" either. Also what is up with the TOS phasers on the Discovery? I like the Old series don't get me wrong. But it looks like they pulled a Cryptic (STO) here.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that we have never seen the civilian government purely for reasons of cost of adding more recurring actors which is not cheap and may not fit in the budget.

  6. I would like to see all ST producers reach out to fans who can design and create 3D ship models. Most would do it just for a screen credit. This would give us more ships at little to no cost against their budgets.

  7. We all saw discovery entering the veridian and also exploding in the final trailer for s3 and something came to my mind. WHAT IF THEY DIDN'T ACTUALLY Refit Discovery and they made a new one that's why it has
    U.S.S Discovery NCC 1031-A and the Old Discovery was docked somewhere inside the Federation and the spear data was coppied to the new discovery this also can explain Calypso on why Discovery hasn't changed in 1000 years.
    Theory only🖖

  8. from what i have ben told from the reviews like trek central, The Osiris ship explodes with the discovery inside because the sphere ai self destructed , the repair bots are supposed to reconstruct the discovery and probably had a copy in one of the repair bots memory

  9. is this last episode going to be any longer like maybe 2 hr long special or something ?? id like that alot .. and honestly i really think they are going to close this season out with discovery blowing up so we have to wait till next season to see what happen and plays out . if they do it like that they are some CUNTs thats all ima say

  10. I am so looking to see on Friday on Netflix always enjoy your videos. 💖🐩🐩💖👍👍🐾🐾🖖🕊🌈🇬🇧

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