Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Season Finale Review!

I give my overview of the ultimate episode of Star Trek Discovery Season three episode 13 entitled “That Hope is You, Half 2”. And provides my ideas on this season finale!

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43 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Season Finale Review!

  1. Nice cgi but horrible writers
    The warpcoils create the subspace warpbubble. Dilithium has NOTHING to do with subspace.
    The writers did NOT read Star Trek Technical Manuals. So bad
    31.century starfleet ships cannot disable the discovery?
    And the warpcore ejection and the big inner space of the Turbolift World inside discovery…. How ridiculous.
    This episodes were extremly bad

  2. The first 3 seasons and Picard have been on a journey to build a bridge between previous StarTrek generations to the franchise future. Besides the storytelling has allowed us to meet the crew and see them grow on thier character arks, and get some familiarity with them. Still, some production and writing issues to be fixed but pretty good for my taste, lets see what season 4 bring to us.

  3. overall, its enough for me to forgive them for making such a big fuss on the burn then give a lame cause for it. It was enough for me to anticipate the next season

  4. The dynamic between Saru and Burnham was good, but let's face it, Burnham is always going to do what she thinks is the best course of action. I think Saru would be a better number 1 to her captain.

  5. "It's the hope that kills you" more like. Hope it will work, make sense and be well written but still so inconsistent 🙁

  6. Other minor things (besides the ones already mentioned) that annoyed me – ok, they have found ONE planet made out of dilitium, fine – but how long will this last, with that huge demand of it in the whole universe?

    And: sure, they managed to kick the Discovery out of warp. But when it was put into the, let’s say, cargo bay of the bigger ship – why didn’t this ship then just continue to travel with warp?

    It had nice scenes, but was still full if WTF, that makes absolutely no sense moments 🙄

  7. Totally agree with you, the finale should have been tied up better. Also there still seems to be tension between Burnham and Stamets that needs resolving?

  8. it was the final answer. mutant alien scream. But I did enjoy it. But the forced sentimentally is what I am over. I can not wait for the next season =)

  9. Great review. I too didn't like LET'S FLY. But I didn't like HIT IT either. But I'm too stuck on the best ever ENGAGE and MAKE IT SO NUMBER ONE. If I were captain, I would say: LET'S GET A MOVE ON… DETMER TAKE US OUT.
    I like that Captain Burnham is now Captain of the Discovery. Remember she is the one that allowed Suru to remain captain, which I liked very much. It was nice to have Suru as captain as well. But I like Captain Burnham because she's like my favorite: Captain Kirk. A real spitfire with a never say die attitude and tough as nails. It also put a smile on my face seeing Spock's big sister kicking tail and taking names as captain of the Discovery the 3rd millenium. I hope she stays and has many Kirk like adventures. Book was an okay character. I don't care for their romance though. All and all the season was good. But it still pales in comparison to season 2, what a rollercoaster ride that was. But I suppose because of COVID they couldn't do too much without delaying for a couple of years. So I give it an A for effort considering the pandemic and a score of a B. Season 2 A+ and Season 1 A. Spocks big sister becoming captain of Discovery A+.

  10. Totally agree about the total crap of all that hollow space with a turbolift travelling for ages and ages, the dimensions just dont stack up to the ship for where this huge hollow space could actually be if there are supposed to be internal corridors and crawlspaces.

    The lazy writing with N'var as well and rehashing the story, I kinda wonder if Covid made some planned scene impossible and they had to rework certain plots after some of the filming for past episodes were finished

  11. Damn… this season started so good, but the Soap writing of the last 4 episodes destroyed it. There’s too much drama and too much fighting. There’s no substance, no message, no family. Family is Not throwing „i love you“ in there all the time and sheed some tears.

    I also watch season two of TNG right now. Even the clumsiest story’s have a direction, a character development, reveal, something to think about afterworth….

    I don’t know if they get the groove in season 4, but Burnam captain? Saru maybe gone? Doesn’t look promising.

  12. IN SHORT: Great effects; bad story telling. Nothing like Star Trek of the past. Regretfully , the Star Trek I grew up with IS DEAD.

  13. It wasn't the same info, Su'kal didn't just had a tantrum out of fear, he was morning his mom's death… that was the point.

  14. Turbolift Scene = Monstors INC, when Sully and Co were hanging onto the doors on the conveyors in the storage area.

  15. My observation is this: we learnt during this season the federation had become too big and some member worlds were actually not happy even before the burn. Why would said world's then what to join back up straight away? Earth was not mentioned despite being the founding member of the federation and the originator of Starfleet, with the majority of the crew and staff of Starfleet still being human you would think they would be quite keen for earth to rejoin, unless it eventually transpires that they never really left, pretending to was just a way to keep earth safe? I guess next season will address some of these questions, I just found it odd Trill was mentioned in the end bit not Earth or Andoria.

  16. A little convenient, for all Michaels faults, she ends up promoted to captain and Admiral whatshisface admitting "her way" of doing stuff may not be the Starfleet way, but what the heck, it works.

  17. Well, after all the crap on Wednesday here in the States, the Star Trek happy ending sure was a treat even if it didn’t end in some profound enlightenment.

  18. Where did that space come from scenes with the turbo-lift? There is too much of the show about emotions and just one character.

  19. Before watching your opinions: the episode was good, uniforms finally addressed, emerald chain delt with. The explanation for the burn was still lame, but at least it's done now. Next season will be interesting.

  20. All we learnt about SuKar in this EP was that he reacted to the death of his mother and created the scream which provoked the Burn. Before this we only guessed that event is what provoked him.

  21. First time I don't agree with much. No way Doug is coming back, so many projects underway. Maybe as a guest in one episode. Vance did say "Saru wants you to be Captain and so do I". And I liked "Let's Fly". All in all I liked this episode 🙂

  22. I am going to disagree with you on this one I thought in the context of both Discovery and Trek as a whole it was a good episode. I never believed The Burn once explained was ever going to be any more than it was. I did appreciate it mentioned The Burn affected Subspace and only Dilitheum that was doing used to power ships in subspace exploded. Which is why it still existed, which was a problem for me up to this point. The entire bit in the turbo shaft was just fun popcorn excitement, and was nice to see one hand fall to his death. The season had a few episodes I wasn’t crazy about but as a whole it was very good. Michael becoming captain was logical and I look forward to on going seasons of this show.

  23. spoiler warning to others

    I was soooooo excited after this episode. Really enjoyable, and loved the ended with the change and update finally. When I saw them all, it's what I've been waiting for since the ship got upgraded.

  24. I belive Doug Jones will only return as recurring charakter. That he got his episodes without makeup indicates that fact.

  25. i think the door meant to reveal how he got so upset that he caused the burn, but yeah it was kinda underwhelming, i honestly thought there was going to be a monster XD

  26. I overall liked it. And i think next season with the way it's been set up, with burnham as captain, saru on kaminar with sukal and the rebuilding of the federation, i think we'll be able to cast aside most of this season and just focus on season 4. This has been the thing in seasons 2 and 3 where basically there's no call backs to the previous season/s and it's almost completely unrelated to each other. although i am looking forward to season 4 and i think kurtzman is learning that death and Galactical problems aren't always the right plot to go with and i think next season is solely based on rebuilding and we'll get to see species we haven't seen in a while, like tellarites, klingons, bajorans, cardassians and betazoids and see how theyve gotten on in the last millennium and convince these strong species to join the federation.

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