Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Season Finale Promo Photos

I have a look by way of the brand new promo pictures for the Season Finale of Star Trek Discovery Season 3, Episode 13, entitled “That Hope Is You, Pt. 2” and see what …

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36 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 Season Finale Promo Photos

  1. Resolved?
    Nothing is ever satisfactorily resolved in today's episodic television.
    Stories just peter out while new ones move into position. Every conflict leaves the audience either extremely frustrated or at the very least wanting more.
    And that's by design.
    There is something to be said for the ol' style of TV where every episode had a full and complete resolution at the end.
    I love big story arch's that stretch across multiple episodes but there is no reason that stories cant have a final and satisfactory conclusion instead of leaving everything open ended and ambiguous.
    This is why I got frustrated with Lost. Nothing was ever resolved. The entire show was just a long drawn out sense of never feeling satisfied. Every victory would be undercut by a new emerging conflict. Shit gets tiresome after awhile.

  2. Happy new year Nick! I am very sad that this season is about to end. I am sure that there will be all kinds of second guessing the writing and plot by viewers, but I must say it was very enjoyable to watch and my son and I have been eagerly awaiting each episode on Thursdays.

    I got the captainship shirts before Christmas and we love them! Thank you!

  3. I get your point about the hollo program changing the races…. I didn't really think too much about it until you mentioned it I think if when you dive in to each episode you will always find something that doesn't make sense especially discovery I've learned to move on and accept Discovery is the Michael Burnham Discovery…. Although this season has been a nice change profiling other characters…. I suspect my Michael saved the universe or the Federation again in this episode 🙄

  4. Maybe its not the fact that they are not different races to scare the kid but the fact that they are now “holograms” because maybe the kelpien kid has vision enough to tell a hologram from an actual person. Suru could “see” the red angel because he is able to see more light spectrum than humans.

  5. Looks like zara is running from book

    This season is such a let down

    I'm so sick of the burnham show and want trek back

  6. Love your videos, but this is the first time I didn’t see it through to the end. I just couldn’t maintain any interest for Season 3. I will watch the finale, but unless the writers can pull a rabbit out there f the hat with a tribble in each paw, I won’t be returning for Season 4. I am halfway through Season 3 of The Expanse. Now that is a top quality show.

  7. one question: did the burn happened across the entire galaxy or just the alpha quadrant ? I mean, if all the Federation, Romulan, Klingon …. ships blew up , does that mean that even the Dominion from Gamma Quadrant, Telexian from Delta, and so on got wiped? …

  8. Hey ask him if he would do a interview with Jessie Gender her twitter is JessieGender she wants to do a interview with him badly

  9. You know what I really hope for in this episode ?
    More whispering and emotional breakdowns, more cringeworthy explanations how a baby throwing a tantrum leads to galaxywide genocide, and more lgbt+ (insert rest of the alphabet) content which is presented not as being just part of this imagined advanced society, and therefore normal like Roddenberry intended, but as blatant virtue signalling to the audience.

    God, please kill me.

  10. I am a little bit sad that's over for now. Great season. But they really need to have longer seasons.
    I wish they keep Aurelio as somebody who will help to put together Federation and Chain – so much Kenneth's health allows. And of course I wish him much of it. Not just this is good and nice gesture. Because his character has so much potential.

    I hope you have nice talk with Doug. Big thing for your channel, for sure. No special question. I'm just eager to hear it.

  11. The hanging question since the very beginning of season 3…. Book’s morphing ship can fly through anything and avoid debris and asteroids without any time to notice. Yet, in the opening seconds of S03E01, a crash into a tiny, one thousand year old, woman caused his ship to burst into flames and crash into a planet. Huh? The answer might explain why he was ready to kill her on sight for causing the crash.

  12. @ 2:45 I really enjoy your channel, love the way you do things. But you're making judgements without having all the information. Just as we may not actually know the reason behind The Burn yet, we definitely don't know with all certainty why the characters are appearing as other species.

  13. Welcome back home Nick. Hope your vacay was rewarding and relaxing. Looking forward to the season 3 finial episode and your review of it.

    Question, at 7:04 into your video, behind Book, is that an open turbolift shaft without the lift?

  14. Maybe this time they will address the Plot point of S2 and S3 about a Dark Matter Interface for the Spore Drive.

    I mean, Tilly has mentioned it couple times.

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