Star Trek DIscovery Season 3 Episode 13 Review | That Hope Is You Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

How is the finale of Star Trek Discovery season three the least clever factor that has ever been made with the label Star Trek plastered throughout it? Here’s a full …

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29 thoughts on “Star Trek DIscovery Season 3 Episode 13 Review | That Hope Is You Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

  1. What the hell is this bloody woman on about if you don’t like it DON’T FREAKIN WATCH IT THEN too much idiot people reviewing discovery and putting it down go away woman, and go and review a kids cartoon instead because that’s all you good for and your voice really crates on me😡.

  2. yeah this episode i watched today….After the show i raged and shaved my head!!!!!yeah all i was thinking when they zoom out through a window the ship aint that big. THen you go in the turbo lift and inside the ship its friggen huge maybe its like The Tardis. The show is way to liberal please everyone huggy love love……makes me want to throw up in a shoe

  3. Since Humons need Oxigen, Droids need to need it tooooo!!! Because EQUALITY!!!!!!!! They're just like the Meatballs now. Except bigger, better, faster, stronger.

  4. I just realized something: If the ship is bigger on the inside than the outside, that means Discovery is a TARDIS! So, add Dr. Who to the litany of IPs this show has ripped off.

  5. O.m.g this the best star trek you people are not star trek fan you just a bunch of gen x cry babies but the turbo lifts was weird

  6. This shows pretty good and I've watched Star Trek since Star Trek TOS. I watched every Star Trek series. You need to quit bitching about it at least they are giving us something Star Trek to watch. I'm glad it's back just quit bitching about it if you don't like it don't fuck him watch it

  7. This is taking a loooong piss on everything Gene wanted Star Trek to be. Based on constant fighting and without any deeper meaning. Burnham just keeps defying orders and crying all the time and got promoted for this. Just started TNG again and my GOD I miss the old Picard but even Enterprise was way closer to real Trek than STD.

  8. DAYUM!! You think it's bad yet you watch it…I watched about 9 seconds of your video and knew it wasn't my cup of tea. First, your not cute (and by cute I mean your not attractive..I'm perplexed as to why anyone would follow you…but then I get it…hate. you trade off a shared hatred for Discovery to access common ground and you set up you tent and go work). Now, I do think you're useful (like the fools who stormed the capitol – as a foil)…so keep grinding out that hate.

  9. It's not star trek, it's an awful cringy pandering advert for political social justice agendas. If you disagree then apparently you are some kind of phobic now..

  10. It's no longer star trek. It's like the writers just made it up as they went along without regard for science, the star trek universe, for Canon, for simple physics… Even the bridge crew are a joke – all woke 20 somethings that are quite frankly weak and pathetic. Unbelievable. When I mention it on the star trek reddit page they freak out. I can't be the only one thinking this madness has to stop?

  11. I've been watching season 3 and find it increasingly difficult to finish each episode. I was about 20 minutes into episode 13 and had to turn it off. The huge push for LBGTQ has been a disaster and will end up costing them millions as the fan base dwindles. Nothing wrong with LBGTQ, it just does not mix well with SciFi…….at all. LBGTQ does well with real life reality drama, just not in space.

  12. I had to play back your bit about droids suffocating twice, because I thought I had to have misheard that. But I didn't. Do these STD writers have to take lessons on how to be at this level of stupid?

  13. The problem with the show is:
    Burnham aka 🔥🐖🥓….
    Its level of the writing….is beyond stool level….
    Although expected, I just Can't believe they gave her ( Burnham aka 🔥🐖🥓)
    The captaincy…..
    I think somewhere in the universe, Captain Picard is continuously spinning in his artificial bodly grave.
    And where the Fxxxx are the dudes?
    You know A main none effeminate lead character?

  14. I used to harp on the fanboys when DISCO first started. I was trying to be positive and optimistic. But I cannot anymore. I stopped watching.

  15. It was all summed up for me when I saw an official Star Wars live stream. At the end the host signed off with "May the Force be with you", then one of the guests signed off…with a "Live long and prosper" V hand signal. 😂😂

  16. Dont forget how apparently dozens of Vulcan battle ships can now be destroyed by ‘pesticides’. Space ships by nature are supposed to be robust self contained environments, how are they supposed to ingest the pesticides???

  17. Totally 1000% agree with u,Discovery season 3 so shit 💩💩💩 I cant find a massive grotesque emoji shit to represent how shit discovery season 3 is and this part 2 of finaly…… N what's with all the gender fluid shit n diversity shit..I don't care especially when watching a show on Netflix….Im sure I speak to most plp we just want a good story… Good entertainment this shouldn't be fucking political statement. Anyway it's shit..
    Ps Useless episode is so right

  18. Princess Yumyum? What's next a Wizard named Zigazag? A Cobbler named Tack? I know Mecha is making fun of the "Yum yum" line. But how often can I make a joke about the thief and the cobbler? XD

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