STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 13 Finale Breakdown & References!

Within the Season three finale, the thriller of the Burn is solved as Burnham and the bridge crew attempt to take again the usDiscovery from Osyraa. Greg and Chastity …

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49 thoughts on “STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 13 Finale Breakdown & References!

  1. Why oh why does that Michael persist in keep whispering 90% of the time in every episode? Oh how lost, Star Trek has become. How to bring it up to date, shoot some old crew from the past, into the future. You have to laugh. 😜🤔

  2. I like star trek and the first two seasons were fine by me… but I'm starting to dislike discovery now. They are doing to much too many characters too many plot twist.

  3. Star trek needs to go back to the roots and stop with the woke LGBTQ. Its dying fast, just keep it simple with a normal cast not gay, and life lecon stories

  4. I pretty much guessed that it was Su Karl who caused the burn due to his mother’s death as soon as they introduce the character. Meh.

    Turbo lift scene…wtf!?!

    Blowing up the engine nacelle connection thingy to bring the ship out of warp, got fixed real quick, right!

    What the frak was that thing/stuff Burnham got pushed into in the computer core fight scene, was that the core? what the ever lasting F!

    And finally…how is it the the sphere data got shrunk down to just a couple of bots and then one bot when it was part of the ship and the reason they had to fly into the future to get it away from Control in the first place!?! Arrrgh!

    And last but by no means least….”Lets Fly”…”LETS FLY”!!…jeeez 🤦‍♂️

    Beam me up someone I’m done

  5. I liked the first 2 seasons, despite their flaws. This one had its cool points(Georgiou stuff), but everything else was pretty terrible imo.

  6. i believe that the Kelpian holodeck system
    being far more advanced than anything we have seen before
    has a telepathic subroutine that was able to read Grey
    and build him a body of holo-matter.
    All they have to do now is replicate the process
    then download it to a portable holo-emitter, like Doc on Voyager.

  7. I want to see a schematic of Discovery. Like the old tech manuals back in the day. Show me how the hell that turbolift system works.
    Every single bit of that mess is a mess.

  8. What an awful show…such a dissapointment. I understant that it must be very difficult to follow up on a great legacy like Star Treck, but such a lack of talent and imagination…..

  9. If they could mushroom jump out of the Veridien, then blowing it up was a bit full on for a Starfleet decision. I thought they had to be outside and needed a hole. So blow a hole, get outside, jump. The way it went down though meant a lot of dead folks who were no different to the guards for the bad guys on any other movie. Guards just doing their job who are usually faceless so that we don't feel bad that they are in the way of the good guys. This was the same. I assume the Veridien was full of random folks who just happen to have a job on the ship. If they were all lined up at the windows and Burnham could have seen them, would she have still blown everyone up, given Osira was dead anyway?

  10. I liked the season overall, but the whole turbolift scene left me cold, I too said 'WTF, has this suddenly become the Tardis?'. Particularly since the Trek universe has plenty of examples of crew having to climb/descend turbolift SHAFTS.

  11. For me , it was ok, yes the Tartis Turbolift shaft are exaggerated, Star Wars reference is accurate. Logic is gone. It coukd have close the Star Trek Discovery with this episode. The new Star Trek Discover Season IV can have the Time Police going after the Discovery Crew !

  12. Is it just me or did their nacelle almost fall off when the explosion occurred during warp & then no mention of damage or repair & then it’s just fine after that?

  13. I thought the season ended too soon. I know we couldn't see what Burham saw but either that was a lucky shot that killed Osyraa or she could see and aimed her shot. Osyraa and the Chain could have been the new Klingons or Romulans. I wonder if screenwriters will bring them back the remnants next season to continues to be a thorn in the Federations side.

  14. (Had to repost because fm troglodytes wouldn't quit) It's been kinda surreal to have 23 straight weeks of Trek. Let's start with my negatives for this episode.  I'm a little disappointed that we didn't actually get to see mother Burnham kick some regulator ass. Also I'm a bit upset that Tilly didn't get to end Zareh given the bs he said in earlier episodes. Ok now to the positive. So the burn isn't as stupid as it seemed. We know there's species of fish that basically have antifreeze blood, so this isn't that far fetched in a universe where there's a species of space whales. So, Voyager is a flagship,  I can't wait to see more of her. Ni'Var has ships, and they can fight. This episode felt like a 90s movie, and that's not a bad thing. From more of the crew being John McClain to Book's triumphant "SHE'S A QUEEN " as he boots Zareh out of the Turbolift to DOT's help to save Owo(seriously TEARS). Some SERIOUS dad vibes from Vance, Saru and Culber. I understand why people would be upset about Saru leaving and Michael becoming Captain. But, I don't think Doug will be leaving Discovery,  also we knew from the outset this was Michael's show. I am SO glad we saw Lieutenant Sahil again.  All in all I'm excited for the future

  15. I also thought season 3 was the best yet! Hoping season 4 will allow ST to evolve and end the rebooting trend. "Where Noone has gone before "!

  16. Oh the feels, the tears, the I love yous, and at the end we put on our grey fascist uniforms and we have our boy sex toy with us… oh this is Star Trek?

  17. I watched the Star Trek Discovery season finale a day after watching Episode 6 of the Expanse. I'd have to say The Expanse is a far better sci fi show with only 1/4th the budget. The key differences are the top notch writing and excellent casting and constant work on character development on The Expanse..

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