Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There Is A Tide" Review

107spherical evaluation of Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 12 “There Is A Tide” #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery.

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10 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There Is A Tide" Review

  1. Mark, could you please share with me the song nltitle and artist that you use for the intro of your video? I'd be really interested in hearing more of their sound.

  2. Conditional Pacifist Orion She-Hulk to be exact! ;p
    Jingoist(!) Burnham was like Bruce Willis in Die Hard only race and gender washed lol She will bend anything to save Book yet she demands everyone else to sacrifice everything they hold dear. Vance rejects an offer that can bring more good than the evil to just about everyone to the prime universe since he is already so much content happy in his admiral shoes. How pathetic.
    Orion She-hulk, yes She is a bit unstable yet innocent and peace-loving for sure, bro! Besides she is a cousin to ex-Superman's girlfriend.

  3. I predicted at the final episode, there will be major battle at the Federation Headquarters, and with the Federation nearly defeated, Ni'Var, Earth, and probably Trill Fleets would arrived and save the day. Then Discovery would go back to the nebula to rescue Saru and others.

  4. I may have to detox at the end of this season and do another watch through of the entire franchise starting with the cage. Wash off this nasty rancid soap opera stench. This is generic and boring —- takes no chances. There's an episode of voyager where the crew has to battle FEAR — And it's fucking awesome and so insane and creative and that's just one episode out of hundreds of great ones. Give me some space adventures and toss this melodramatic bullshit.

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