Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There is a Tide…" Breakdown & Things You Missed

Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 12 “There’s a Tide…” Evaluation, Breakdown and Easter Eggs What Did I Miss is an Leisure, Movie and Tv …

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24 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 "There is a Tide…" Breakdown & Things You Missed

  1. How do you think this season is going to end?

    AND hoe does this season stack up against the other 2??

  2. … Ossyra and Vance acted stupidly, what has her plan and reason for not just copying the Spore drive herself over a month, nothing made sense. It is like a cartoon. But the reviewer skips over all the problems… I wonder if transporters and AI and holograms makes the Star Trek world tooooooo advanced to have realism since with these no accidents or escapes should be possible – – that just leaves silly plots where reviewers just ignore all problems. Oh well. . I can enjoy a McHales Navy in space but don't tell things make sense when they don't …. great effects though worth watching with the sound off.

  3. I really appreciate how you pointed out that Ossyra's ultimate plan is not to merge with starfleet but to take over and gain more resources and power

  4. 5 years, 3 months and 23 days. That is the length of time it's taken me to watch the 13 films and 10 series in order. Some episodes multiple times (the first episodes till Discovery season 1, took me a year). So in honor of the season, and the milestone of 800 all I can say is…..YIPPEE KAY AI MOTHER F**KERS. Holy hell that was tense. From Michael's Die Hard feel(right down to the bare feet and injury to a leg). To Stamets believable breakdown at the thought of losing Hugh and Adira(real Dad moment). To the political thriller of Vance and Osyrra chatting (literal chills when he realized where she was ). To the jailbreak from the ready room. Of course helmed by one of Trek's most prolific talents from the TNG era. I can't wait until the season finale

  5. I'm disappointed with the three seasons. It has a large budget and good production values but the scripting just sucks.

  6. Of course the trailer gave away spoilers. That's why it's best not to watch the trailers. and that's why reviewers should never discuss them.

    A trailer is designed to induce people to watch the episode. But if you already know that you are going to watch the episode, then the trailer is not for you.

    You only get one chance to see an episode for the first time. As a fan, you owe it to yourself to make that special. The thing to do is to see the scenes in the order that the director intends. them.

  7. I was so excited to see Kenneth Mitchell on this episode. It's wonderful that they made accommodations for him due to his ALS.

  8. Interesting that you didn't mention that Noah is the husband of Mary Wiseman (Tilly). my first time here and am pleased that you don't sound like you are on Meth like sooo many of the other Trek reviewers. will return.

  9. The in-action of the crew during Osyraa's takeover. Look, I get that easily taking the ship is an old Trek troupe-cum-cliche. But the crew does NOTHING. Absolutely nothing to repel the borders. I get Tilly is inexperienced and this is going to be her big mistake to fix in the next episode, but the writers dumbed her way down to make this happen. Tilly knows the rule book, the regs, and would know to secure the Spore Drive, or lock out the ship's computer. Also the rest of the crew is pretty doe-eyed during the attack.
    Side note: seems Saru's arc this season is that he might not be completely ready for the captaincy.
    Speaking of Osyraa… could she be more of an RKO serial villain? Or a silver-aged mad super villain out to destroy the world… just cause? Beyond her desire to rule the galaxy's dilithium and profit from it, I don't get her beef with the Feds. Or Saru, for that matter. He bested her once and now he's her arch-nemesis. I mean it's step up from Silver-Age Superboy causing Lex to lose all his hair… I guess. She has no nuance. But then again, Discovery isn't very good at nuance.
    Also Su'Kal caused the burn because he merged with the dilithium on the planet and sends out… some hand-wavey something I still don't grok. Like one person's temper tantrum destroyed all the dilithium and blew up a bunch of starships?
    Which once again leads me to… I don't give two shits about the Burn or this entire arc.

  10. I still think Book is working for the same organization as Gary 7 from the TOS episode "Assignment: Earth." Gary 7 also had a cat he traveled extensively with that turned out to be a shapeshifter. So Book is either a mole, a temporal agent or a "Gary 7" style agent (it could easily be argued that Gary 7 was also a temporal agent.)

  11. Really like your reviews, out of all the reviewers on YouTube you really seem to get the show and the direction it's going in. You are also the only one to cover the fact that the Federation eats shit!😆

  12. If Gabrielle received the message from Michael, I'll hazard to guess at the near ending of the final episode, Ni'Var fleet and maybe just maybe Earth and Trill fleets would arrived to aid both the Discovery and the Federation.

  13. I missed it all…as I gave up on STD ever becoming worthy of my time. The recent inclusion of poop jokes varified my belief. 900 years into the future they have replicated matter, personal transporters and tricorders that fit in a comm badge and detached warp nacelles…but are still making food from poop like they did on the NX-01? Also, why can't the federation replicate the spore drive…900 year old tech…on their own? The story is made of the same thing the replicated food apparently is…shit.

  14. Good evening Eric, I just watched it and then I like to listen to reviews TONIGHT your review is first. Informative and in-depth, thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I did enjoy it very much and am looking forward to the FINAL next week it is over NO NO

  15. Well… it is official… replicated matter is literally shit. They are flying around in a poop ship. No wonder grown food tastes so much better.

    I am pleased with how Ossyra has developed. And i love how well her and Vance played together on screen. And that Vance made a call that wasn't the convenient way… rather, the correct choice for what the Federation actually stands for.

    Tilly has truly come a long way. I dont see her coming out of this remaining an Ensign, if she doesn't get killed.

    All in all, i think this season has been my favorite of any Trek. And not just for the content. The production and care put into each episode is evident. Some elements could be derivative of other works… the delivery of it though, has been a highlight.

    Thanks again for another video. 😊

  16. I always enjoy your intelligent and entertaining reviews. I am very impressed at how Jonathan Frakes was able to make the conversation between Osyraa and Vance incredibly tense and compelling. I am certain a very deep philosophical discussion could be had about the price of convictions.
    The DOT-23s I think are the Baby Yoda of Star Trek. Cutest was the little Vulcan salute.

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