Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 New Promo Photos

I take a look by the brand new promo images for Episode 12 of Season three Star Trek Discovery entitled “There’s a Tide” and see what we will study this subsequent …

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35 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 New Promo Photos

  1. My prediction: Su'kal had a sibling, the death of whom caused his pain and fear, and his reaction caused the burn.

    In the coversation with Michael posing as a holo, he said he remembers playing and that he had a "…." and then stopping mid-sentence and changing the subject.

  2. Hi Nick, That is a magic stick from PICARD LOL. The Andorians don't cut their hair anymore, either that or Shran just has more military discipline. Thanks for sharing

  3. That new phasers look similar to the lasers from FO3-4 . And I am exited to see if the sphere AI within the Disco' s CPU-Core will intervene in some form.

  4. The Discovery was captured more easily than any Star Trek Show ship ever……and that is saying something. So since Saru and Tilly were so massively incompetent, they should Replicate Georgio's emperor sword and then both should follow the code of the ancient Samari by using the sword to disen-bowl theme selves for a slow an painful death. The way I see it, If I have to suffer through this shit writing then I want company, so Saru, Tilly give that sword a good thrust inward.

  5. The armband burnham is wearing isn't the radiation monitor, it looks like the object book hands to her. Could be a stealth device or sum type of transporter booster.

  6. Like many others, I'm wondering where the sphere AI is. Why tilly didn't declare a red alert. Why tilly didn't just tell the computer, hey intruders. beam them to the brig.
    But I guess the writers are going somewhere with it and needed blue ducks in a row, instead of brown ones.

  7. I really like you're content, keep up the great work. I just want to throw out their, I belive LT Wila betrayed Vance and Starfleet. She was close to the ship and crew when it was retrofitted, she would know how the spore drive works. She would also know all current Starfleet ship to ship challenges. It also appears the actress is not returning for Season 4. Just a hunch.

  8. Perhaps the reason the Emerald Chain didn't put everyone in the brig is that they already Stamets as a hostage….they might be thinking the Discovery crew aren't willing to risk his life…because without him the spore drive in inoperable.

  9. It seemed pretty easy to take over the ship. But then again, as I have raised my children to say, "If Starfleet security weren't so bad, the episodes would be far less interesting."

  10. …Capt. Tilly (basket case) !!! Bwhahahaha! In the photo: looks like she's constipated from overeating!
    Face it , STD = Garbage…For people who DON'T normal watch any of the classic Trek…

  11. My mad theory this week; I think the last minute title changes are going to turn out to be part of the plot and will tie into all the talk about the Temporal Wars and the Temporal Accords this season.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the season ends with another Discovery "Time Heist" in which just the ship is sent back in time to wait for the crew to return. In the meantime, Osyraa makes the Federation into the bad guys or the V'draysh. The Ship evolves into Zora, the events of the short trek Calypso take place, the crew arrive and are saved by the now super-evolved Ship Discovery/Zora.

  12. Hoped they'll save the Federation, and survive against the Emerald Chain, I really hate to see another Discovery crew died.

  13. The in-action of the crew during Osyraa's takeover. Look, I get that easily taking the ship is an old Trek troupe-cum-cliche. But the crew does NOTHING. Absolutely nothing to repel the borders. I get Tilly is inexperienced and this is going to be her big mistake to fix in the next episode, but the writers dumbed her way down to make this happen. Tilly knows the rule book, the regs, and would know to secure the Spore Drive, or lock out the ship's computer. Also the rest of the crew is pretty doe-eyed during the attack.
    Side note: seems Saru's arc this season is that he might not be completely ready for the captaincy.
    Speaking of Osyraa… could she be more of an RKO serial villain? Or a silver-aged mad super villain out to destroy the world… just cause? Beyond her desire to rule the galaxy's dilithium and profit from it, I don't get her beef with the Feds. Or Saru, for that matter. He bested her once and now he's her arch-nemesis. I mean it's step up from Silver-Age Superboy causing Lex to lose all his hair… I guess. She has no nuance. But then again, Discovery isn't very good at nuance.
    Also Su'Kal caused the burn because he merged with the dilithium on the planet and sends out… some hand-wavey something I still don't grok. Like one person's temper tantrum destroyed all the dilithium and blew up a bunch of starships?
    Which once again leads me to… I don't give two shits about the Burn or this entire arc.

  14. Well,it goes like this.

    Original Star Trek: Kirk was a bit of the thrill seeker and liked to get in on the adventure. He loved exploring,seeing new things,and doing things himself. It was also brought up several times in the series when he was taking a stupid risk. But he's the captain so he's in charge. Spock went along because,in addition to being second in command,he was also chief science officer so when shit got freaky,he had to go in to figure it out. And Bones,as chief medical officer,went along to make sure the other 2 didn't die. It was also a smaller ship with a smaller crew. And half the time,things had already gone sideways before the boys even left the ship,demanding the "best of the best" look into things.

    Next Gen: This ship saw a lot more diplomatic missions and less exploring. Also,Picard was more reserved than Kirk and often sent Riker to deal with shit as he was more "man of actiony". Bigger ship,bigger crew,more responsibilities shared. So as time went on,the series get better about the whole "command crew going out to deal with shit rather than delegating responsibility" thing as well as expanding on secondary and tertiary characters which means you saw more of the crew doing stuff.

    DS9: There wasn't a lot of call for Sisko to leave the station but like Kirk,he was a very "hands on" leader who wanted to know what all was going on on the station. Generally,by this point,the writers and staff knew how to come up with logical reasons to get person A into situation B so there wasn't a lot of "flying by the seat of your pants" stuff.

    Voyager: That situation was all kinds of fucked up and was all about flying by the seat of your pants. You got a crew that's half Fed,half Maquis,along with whatever strays they picked up along the way. An ordered ship would be difficult under the best of conditions and,honestly,I think the command crew got involved so often there because they didn't fully trust the crew.

    Enterprise: So we're back to the "smaller ship,smaller crew" thing with more primitive technology and Starfleet being a younger organization with fewer rules. So yeah,a lot more heavy lifting by the command crew.

    Discovery: No.

    Lower Decks: No one on that writing staff gives 2 shits about Star Trek outside of pop culture references.

    Picard: This has nothing to do with Star Trek. It's Patrick Stewart in space being wacky.

  15. Mutated child gains powers through radiation that emits some sort of SubSpace wave that resonates with Dilithium, all because he's crash landed on a Dilithium planet and somehow his cells adapt in the most random way to have synergy with Dilithium such that his cry's can resonate with Dilithium and turn Dilithium Crystals inert?

  16. The tool is a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who … I just know we are due for a crossover and the Federation will try her … and nevermind. just having fun

  17. As it was recently suggested that the Sphere AI had now merged with Discoverys' systems, I'm a little surprised that the Emerald Chain has managed to override Discovery systems, as per the image of the Discovery control panel.

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