Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 Breakdown & Review!

I check out episode 12 of Star Trek Discovery Season three entitled “There’s a Tide” and provides my breakdown, overview and deeper look into the episode. Welcome …

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20 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 12 Breakdown & Review!

  1. I thought he touch of having one maint. droid with Gold ringed 'eyes' and the other two in blue and red (a la the command, science, and Security/Engr/Commo shirt colors form TOS) was a cute touch…maybe a little to Wall-E, esp. with the viewing of the old earth films, but I liked it..

  2. Too bad everybody's so pre-occupied with Die Hard and Star Wars comparisons to notice that the DOT-23s gave the Vulcan salute. IMHO the episode was spot on Star Trek thanks to top-notch writing, JF directing and ensemble acting.

  3. Interesting review. I didn't notice the Die Hard parallels (but not having seen the movie for years…) I did notice that it was action packed. I did enjoy the episode, and I appreciated the unity of keeping to ONE story. But I was troubled that not even a single scene of our radiation riddled friends in the nebula. Hopefully it all wraps up. Discovery has had some misses, but I am grateful for ANY Trek. Thanks for your review.

  4. You lost me with the Trump comparidon. Osaria was bad, she didn't want to answer for her crimes. Trump is dealing with the CCP and their puppets the Demoncratic party stealing an electikn through fraud. Get you facts straight skippy.

  5. I think they will do like TNG season 3 final with the BORG capturing Picard and left us all summer wondering what would happened. then when season 4 started, they sowed us Part 1 again, to keep us hooked.

  6. Did I miss it but how did the Emerald chain find out about discovery spore drive and Stamens Piloting it? They Knew exactly what to do when getting onto the ship.

  7. I can’t believe they killed Ryn! They brought him back to life just to kill him in this episode?! Seriously? I literally had to turn off the show and cry. Bad move on the writers. He was a great character. They need to find a way to bring him back! How many times did Spock die and come back to life? Ryn was a hero. He deserved better.

  8. Hard to believe one more episode and it's done! What's next Picard or Lower Decks season 2? Section 31 and Prodigy what is going on with them?

  9. They need to cut out all the emotional garbage and get back to being officers dedicated to duty, the chain is the space democrats lie cheat steal accuse others of what you're actually doing, uphold laws that further your own agenda but vilolate, break and 8gnore the ones that don't, never live by me what you demand of others and enslave people to maintain power because your system fails everywhere all while convincing them it's for their own good.

  10. The series started off well but now it's all a bit meh now. They need better writers and should keep some of the other characters which bring depth to everything.

  11. I liked how they fleshed Osyraa character adding more dimension to her. I think Vance did a crappy job of negotiating, his prime ask was to much to early. No attempt to counter offer with a small but significant offer so they can work on their relations. he could have hinted at the primary obstacle to full integration. Osyraa comments on her movement to end slavery mirror very much how the British curtailed it in their Empire. It's not an overnight thing. I to mourn the loss of Ryns character, he would have made a fine edition to the crew. As for the worker bots, these were not the droids I was looking for. I don't see the Sphere data needing to run and hide, it already had complete control of the ship and could have prevented the Chain from gaining control or masking it's presence making the Chain believe they had control, until the Sphere knew the crew had a chance. It could have sent the bot to give a message to the crew, without the "cutesy" bits. As for starship security, I know it's a TV show with plot devices, but that really pains me to no end. they really need some people involved in the writing that have been involved in real combat or been part of warship.

  12. 6:00 very very bad move you did there. Dont insert real life politics on trek. You will offend trump supporters and who knows they are your viewers and subscribers and will not visit your channel for good.

  13. This episode was easily the best of the series. I noticed that this was only the second episode where Kenneth Lin was credited as a writer, and the only one he wrote alone. He seems to be the only one who hasn't shown complete ignorance on some topic. In various other cases, none in a group of 3 were able to recognize the absurdly ridiculous. More writing by Kenneth please, and keep the children supervised so they don't make a mess.

  14. Other references from Die Hard: obviously, Discovery has been taken like the Nakatomi Plaza.
    Michael got the radio from the first guy she knocks down.
    Michael and Book rammed in Discovery resembled Argyle ramming in to the van (stretching a bit here…).
    Osyraa executed a hostage like Gruber did (I think it’s another reference, she actually didn’t need to do that, that scientist isn’t dumb).
    Die Hard is a Christmas movie. This arch aired at Christmas.
    I actually enjoyed all the Die Hard references. Hope Michael Dutch tapes a phaser to her back and Osyraa falls from Discovery like Gruber fell from the Nakatomi Plaza.

    BUT… I didn’t like this and the previous (and the Mirror Universe) episodes that much. I think they spent too much time with things we already know, like showing how Georgiou changed (we all know she changed, let her goodbye be more interesting). We all get Su’Kal was raised by a simulation, just deal with him and move on.
    And now with one last episode in this season I feel like there’s not much time for a good space battle, a decent rescue, an heart warming wrap up of the season and a major cliffhanger.

  15. I skipped most of this season, looked up what caused the Burn, utterly silly nonsense,
    And the Romulans used quantum singularity to power their warp drives. This is cannon. TNG.
    Impact on the galaxy is nonsense. Other races would have used different power sources besides dilithium. The Federation should have by the 31st.

  16. I agree that this season finale runs the risk of inadvertently finishing things up. They kinda did the same thing in season one. They just had too much to finalize to fo it justice. This season in general spent too much time doing nothing and frankly has been a bit of a wasted season. Its kinda felt like once they got to the future, they really didn’t know what to do.

  17. Also what was up with the several mentions and questions about the Star Fleet "President"? Osyraa brought it up at least twice and the Admiral just brushed it off. Is there going to be more to that, or am I just reading too much into it?

  18. I have a feeling that it is either (1) going to be wrapped up too quick in one episode and we will all be unhappy, OR (2) This is going to be drawn into a huge cliffhanger and will not be resolved until season 4.

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