STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 12 Breakdown & References!

After capturing the Discovery, Osyraa requests a gathering with Admiral Vance because the Bridge Crew attempt to take again the ship. Greg and Chastity break down the plot …

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37 thoughts on “STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 3 Episode 12 Breakdown & References!

  1. Ok, so I do need someone to explain this crap to me. But over all, I’ve watched 3 seasons on this and one season of Picard. I now realize these jokers can’t make Star Trek.. I’ll watch the finale, then I’m done.

  2. Like the video, you are like my guilty pleasure because I dont agree with you often hehehe. But anyway, I think it is a good show and a good season. What more did you expect? Maybe if they had like a borg villain or something people would say eh, another one of those, I really enjoy every episode except Terra Firma 1.

  3. By the next episode the knife wound to her leg which under normal circumstances would have caused a massive bleed out with loss of consciousness and possibly death is magically healed.
    The 'Space Cadets' led by Tilly are still acting like its a Soap set in space.

  4. I did NOT like this episode or the last one. The idea that Vance would abandon peace in favor of a soon to come war because the federation wouldn't be able to send one person to jail is completely nuts. In general, I feel like the writing in season 3 has been a lot weaker. The politics make no sense and more thought needs to be put into that aspect of the show. Things should feel more like the good seasons of Game of Thrones.

  5. There are so many holes in the story it is unbelievable.
    How does the sphere data that was huge suddenly become small.
    Why can the emerald chain beam in through shields. The writing is a mess

  6. The deal-breaker wasn't that the face of the Chain would need to be independent of Osyraa; it's that she would need to stand trial.

  7. I am done with Discovery, I am not watching another episode, they jumped the shark with the source of the burn being the scream of a developmentally stunted Kelpien, it is not even remotely feasible scientifically stupid and completely ridiculous.

  8. I find Michael Burnham to be an irritating character. In my opinion, as many times she has gotten herself in trouble and all, I feel that she should be removed from her commission and sent away. I guess later maybe they could bring her back, but not as a commissioned officer, nor as anything Star Fleet related. I assume they send her off that she would go with Book. However, I like the character of Book and don't want to see him go. I just feel Burnham is pretty much worthless, I don't care how smart she may be. Obviously, she is too smart for her own good. Just my opinion.

  9. Even with 1 episode left, I'm not convinced the Emerald Chain were intended specifically as the Big Bad. That is to say, I think they did not intend that, but haven't exactly expressed that particularly well. I enjoyed this episode, although I'm feeling confident a few plot points will carry over into next season because there's no way they can resolve everything set up in a satisfying manner in one episode. Side Note: my music degree and I were happy to hear something from an opera properly called an aria!

  10. The pace of this episode was a lot better than the previous three episodes. Really looking forward to the season finale tomorrow night

  11. I like Osyraa. She's a clear latter-day incarnation of Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West, but she's also very smart and crafty, investing lots of forethought in her wicked deeds, which makes it harder to get an edge on her. Look how she's persuading the Admiral guy; he's already halfway on board with her plans. The stuff with Michael's quasi-Romulanized mom is absurd, but ok: it's just a TV show after all, and everybody seems to be having a good time.

  12. STD is just awful. Star Trek is suppose to be full of hope and amazement and optimism. Instead Discovery is negative and pessimistic and violent and revolves around the characters feelings and their relationships. The writing is ridiculous. I keep hoping Burnham will be killed off. No such luck.

  13. Season 4 will be setting up "Star Trek: Prodigy". Season 5 will be setting up "Assignment Earth: The Next Generation." 😜

  14. Somehow, the Chain reminds me of the Ferengi on TNG's first season. They were not menacing enough so the producers brought back the Romulans and, in Season 2, the Borg was introduced. So, I hope there's a more menacing threat on Season 4… What happened to the other powers of the known galaxy after the burn? The Borg? The Dominion?

  15. Hi Greg & Chastity WELL COME TO THE YEAR 2021, I like this episode lots of action with great acting and good back and forth verbal communications. LOL E- Lie, I would have love to see Admiral Vance reply with a changing of E-Lie's visual appearance to a Klingon or a Jem' Hadar or a green skin Orion LOl so funny. So now we know how Starfleet will get the fleet setup with spore drives. THAT IS NOT A LIE it is a glitch lol. ASK ME AGAIN, I loved the BOTS and that they had Division colors on their eye rings, I also think that the sphere data in spread through out the many ( 50 or more ) bot on the ship. You did not find the Apple scene FUNNY come on it was GREAT, I wonder how many takes it took. Enjoy your review very much I hope you both have a wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR, PS, Chastity like the long hair and color blend, look beautiful.

  16. I liked this episode more than the Georgio send off. The latter felt a bit out of place in the entire season.

  17. Awesome content you two😎.. do you think it’s possible that this future federation is actually section 31 ?

  18. Whats the deal with Orion lady's upper lip? Anyone else notice it doesn't seem to ever move when she talks? I couldn't stop looking at it

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