Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3 Episode 12 (3×12) Ending Scene

Star Trek: Discovery – Season three Episode 12 – There Is A Tide… Star Trek: Discovery – Season three Ten years earlier than Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS …

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15 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3 Episode 12 (3×12) Ending Scene

  1. Discovery has become total nonsense, feels like I'm watching emerdale, and a very boring epidose at that. So much equality constantly shoved in you face, it's cringe. Can't wait for pike and episodic star trek to return.

  2. That was an amazingly good episode! The ethics aspect and acting blew me away and this unification of ST principles with great acting, great character development, enjoyable effects, story and absence of crinfy mistakes even made me cry a few tears of joy. THIS is what ST should be like today. I hope for more but even if this was it, I thank all involved for such a great comeback in season 3. The outer form is more like an ST movie than any of the precious series but it does it so much better in all aspects. What a gem in today's mass produced streaming show varieties

  3. THIS IS START TREK AGAIN !!!! you have an ethical dilemma & your torn between both sides OMG STAR TREK is back thank you Johnathan !!! THANK YOU

  4. Fuck yeah! The ship obviously is sentient. The Sphere AI could probably just beam all of Osyraa and her henchmen into space if it wanted to…but then that would be boring.

  5. Apparently the chain isn't use to a Terran trained bridge crew that is use to actual war and did war simulations with a Terran Captain. Nor did they stop to think that Discovery jumped into the future for a specific reason to hide something and apparently future Zora didn't appreciate almost being deleted for no reason and her crew threatened. Then there is Burnham who actually infiltrated the Terran empire and is using that experience to her advantage. I wonder if that first part of the message to her mother wasn't actually meant for the fleet at Kaminar with the codes she used that weren't necessary for a simple message to her mother. Then her tone changed for the goodbye message to let her mother know that the ship was pretty much a lost cause without actually saying it as her father is dead and not Ina far future. Burnham's mother's group is all about fighting for lost causes so perhaps they will come or the Nivar fleet next episode The chain probably thinks her mother is on one of the other ships at Kaminar and not on Nivar. Something else the enemy should have done was see who the bridge crew was or see what the ship has been doing before erasing everything from the computer.

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