Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Ending Explained, Breakdown & Review (Star Trek Discovery 3×13)

Star Trek Discovery Season three Ending Defined, Breakdown & Evaluate Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 13 Star Trek Discovery 3×13 Star Trek Discovery …

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11 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Ending Explained, Breakdown & Review (Star Trek Discovery 3×13)

  1. Undermine Saru? I think she did what she thought was right even though she knew Saru wouldn't agree. But undermine hints that she was malicious. Even the Admiral acknowledged that. Saru was weak where she is more of a Captain Kirk cowboy.

  2. Not a very good season 3/10

    – is Saru leaving ? This will be really disappointing since he has had the most character development and it was genuinely pleasing and interesting to see him managing his time-travelling crew, as well as promoting Tily to number one. He was to become a great figure in the Star Trek universe

    – speaking about that, why does Tily give the con to Michael ? It's a missed opportunity to grow the character. It's like "no it's too early for you"", while she was supposed to have led the bridge crew on a death march and back which kinda saved the day as well. And they've already shown the badass mirror Tily, so that we would know that she had it in her. And what a fun dynamic that would have been, between the young Tily that still looks up to her subordinate Michael – that could not make good on her own opportunities.

    – Michael is not a captain. Not by a long shot. She has no methodology, management skills or backbone. Each season has shown how chaotic she was. And that is fine. The point that all 3 seasons have made is that Michael does not handle well not having it her way. I thought that the coming few seasons will be her still growing up and transforming that chaos into a fleshed-out philosophy of life. And then finally becoming a captain. That would have been a great ending to the series

    – now we gotta watch a Captain Burnham do what exactly ? Leading her crew into being a ship that does things its own way ? Like a sub-par chris pine's kirk ?

    I think that there was potential in that third season, especially after the magnificient season 2 ending. The first few episodes of the third season were ok, but the vibes never actually rose to anything more. Best case scenario, this would be a transitional season to a great season 4 – but still it's a shame. Worst case scenario, Discovery will continue on a somewhat surprising and disappointing political vector. They are promoting diversity – the two main protagonists of the season are black & Michael gets the con, a lot of diversity on the bridge crew, no white heterosexual male character since season 2, Adira's being gender-neutral, etc.
    All of that is great, but it does not, in itself, make a great TV show. Star Trek has always been about diversity, so this is not like trekkers are not aware & supportive of these issues. I think it's a shame that they are not using this diversity to really go boldly into a new narrative universe, as the jump into the future might have entailed.

  3. I’m sick and tired of hearing of this “planet of the week traditional Star Trek” thing. That hasn’t existed since 1994… 27 years ago. DS9 focussed on the dominion, VOY focussed on getting home ENT… well the less said about that the better. Just let Discovery be what it’s going to be! It needs an overall story arc, so just let it happen.

  4. It feels with the story writing, despite Covid, that the writers don't care about making money and come up with boring ridiculous half-assed plots like a child's shock and scream causing the burn…I mean of all the reasons to come up with a galaxy changing event that killed trillions….

    To be honest the criticisms here dont just apply to Discovery and especially the third season which was mostly bad, but to many other shows and recent films too. Its like western TV writers and film script writers and associated staff dont care about making money, just pushing whatever agenda they have and as long as they make a small profit its OK. Even older films and shows suffer from this but its not as bad and I often go back to older films/shows including Trek ones, the modern ones insult the intelligence and ask too much from the audience. I guess this would be my main criticism of most 'modern' shows/films, even pre-Covid.

    I was surprised I liked 'Picard' but the final episode had a shot of the Starfleet which was all Sovereign class ships like the Enterprise-E, showing they had run out of budget or whatever, and that shot was pathetic. You'd never get those kind of cutbacks in any of the previous Trek shows! Again, its like the staff who make the shows don't care.

    There are only 3 series I still find worth watching, though 1 of them has deteriorated in quality over the years, the other 2 being sci-fi and are "The Expanse" and "Lost in Space", both of which are worthwhile and likeable. The Expanse is currently showing on Amazon and is well done both in terms of story and in ship-to-ship combat. I recommend these shows to others irrespective of whether they like the current Trek or not.

    As for this show, I can imagine it being renewed for another couple of seasons at least, but who is watching it? There are some 'fans' for sure but I am also equally sure they are a minority of the total Star Trek fanbase who watch other things. Like I said, if the show makes even a minor profit, no matter how small, it will continue, despite pissing off the larger fanbase who don't watch it and losing revenue from them etc.

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