Star Trek Discovery Season 3 an Improvement? Pensky File Debate

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18 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 3 an Improvement? Pensky File Debate

  1. A weak argument regarding motives for the time travel. 'I disagree but I'm not going to defend season 2' in other words 'I disagree and the evidence is inconvenient'

  2. Also, comparing storytelling from TNG, TOS and shows that are 20-30-40 years old is ridiculous. Not asking for Discovery to mimic old trek shows… asking for it to be GOOD in today's time. So many other shows figured out modern story telling.. why are these idiots at Secret Hideout so delusional?

  3. The in-action of the crew during Osyraa's takeover. Look, I get that easily taking the ship is an old Trek troupe-cum-cliche. But the crew does NOTHING. Absolutely nothing to repel the borders. I get Tilly is inexperienced and this is going to be her big mistake to fix in the next episode, but the writers dumbed her way down to make this happen. Tilly knows the rule book, the regs, and would know to secure the Spore Drive, or lock out the ship's computer. Also the rest of the crew is pretty doe-eyed during the attack.
    Side note: seems Saru's arc this season is that he might not be completely ready for the captaincy.
    Speaking of Osyraa… could she be more of an RKO serial villain? Or a silver-aged mad super villain out to destroy the world… just cause? Beyond her desire to rule the galaxy's dilithium and profit from it, I don't get her beef with the Feds. Or Saru, for that matter. He bested her once and now he's her arch-nemesis. I mean it's step up from Silver-Age Superboy causing Lex to lose all his hair… I guess. She has no nuance. But then again, Discovery isn't very good at nuance.
    Also Su'Kal caused the burn because he merged with the dilithium on the planet and sends out… some hand-wavey something I still don't grok. Like one person's temper tantrum destroyed all the dilithium and blew up a bunch of starships?
    Which once again leads me to… I don't give two shits about the Burn or this entire arc.

  4. This would be ok if the writers could resist the urge to make somebody cry every damn episode. I'm so sick of all the crying that is driving me crazy. It doesn't have any emotional impact at me by now, it is annoying as hell. . But than of course there comes a scene where Burnham MUST CRY. Every damn episode BURNHAM MUST CRY. And it is better if she usually finds a partner in crime and so THEY CAN CRY TOGETHER. Because this is drama. Well it's not. I will not hate the show because I love the show. But I hate all the crying. And because we have a season finale incoming I presume next week everybody cries and Burnham will cry at least 3 times … Because why not? Crying will bring emotions to the viewers. Yes dear writers they are bringing emotions to me. But not the ones you want …

  5. Osyraa must be the first obviously bipolar Star Trek character: she goes cardboard villan to very reasonable and back in the blink of an eye. Still really great she actually has nobler ideals than the "slave owner villain" she seemed to be. I also like the disabled scientist, although it's kinda obvious he'll betray the chain next week.

    The diplomatic part was unexpected and pleasing, the escape classic Trek and very well done.

    Note for Vance: asking to put on trial high ranking officials of a foreign government, especially for crimes that are not crimes under their jurisdiction are a sure way to blow up negotiations. The president should be very disappointed in you. And to think that the Chain was being incredibly reasonable, being willing to engage in huge reforms such as banning slavery and withdrawing from pre-warp planets!
    Diplomacy is the art of the compromise, Vance's stiff attitude is hardly that.

    Note for Michael: wearing socks help your feet being more comfortable in your boots. Try, you might like it.

  6. I've see this complaint a lot across a few youtube channels I watch and I don't understand it. The burn isn't the main story of the season. The main story is that the federation is broken and every episode has gone into length showing what not having a federation presence has done.

    The burn is just the Mcguffin they used to spit the federation up. They could swap it outwith Q snapping his fingers, Kevin Uxbridge getting angry or Sisko having and orb experience, it wouldn't change anything. We spent one episode on the burn and had a few clues put in here and there while we spent like 9 episodes visiting planets and seeing how shit the galaxy is without the federation.

    Edit: They are also ignoring the plot of episode 7. They couldn't get all the information needed to solve the mystery of the burn without Burnham and the discovery. They needed the SB-19 data from Ni'Var who were unwilling to share it with the federation until Discovery and Burnham came along.

  7. It is sad you are talking about a TV show when we have a Coup going on. All Americans housl come to DC on the 6th to Save Our Republic!

  8. It’s not like it’s that hard to keep people alive without warp considering the tech they have. They’d have definitely tried to figure out the burn at some point in the last 130 years.

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