Star Trek Discovery Season 2 'Best The Show Has Ever Been" Says CBS' declares Star Trek Discovery Season 2 is the very best the present has ever been! Cnet calls the present an ‘Adventures Romp.” says the …

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31 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Season 2 'Best The Show Has Ever Been" Says CBS'

  1. I prefer Star Trek: Discovery to orvollee which is nothing but a ripoff of The Galaxy Quest which was a very hilarious movie!!!!! I think overalle is a waste of time and efforts!!!!!!! I do mean the misspelling as an insult to an awful so-called t.v. show! Boo on it and yay for Discovery i can't wait for the 3rd season!!!!! This is real Trek compared to the Next Generation in good storytelling which was panned when it first started also!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know this is an old video but. With the Big Bang series winding up. Does CBS have any hit shows anymore? Warner Bro is doing Young Sheldon. What shows would even make CBS or even CBS All Access worth getting. STD does not do it.

  3. Friendly press campaigns may drive people to try watching it, but then Yuck! The truth is exposed: STD is boring for non fans and a dissacration for the fans. Considering how terribly expensive making Discovery must be, and that basically nobody likes it, the question is: why they insist/who pays/and why? All ST series had highs and lows, even TOS. But for the first time I have to confront with a Star Trek series in which everything annoys me.
    And I have liked even Voyager (Janeway was a badass captain, there was the Borg, Seven of Nine, some episodes were at least funny).
    I am so pissed, seriously, that I feel guilty to have bashed Enterprise so much back in the day: T'Pol was (at least) 1.000.000 times better than Michael, doctor Flox was funny, the rest of thr crew was more or less OK. Poor Archer and his dog had more balls than this impostor dimwit Pike they put there to shame. And the plot, for God's Sake: a true insult to any sentient being. And they will make a season 3! They have cancelled things like Firefly, Ascension, Caprica to give us this unedible blob. This must be a nightmare, a parallel universe in which the only decent Star Trek and Star Wars we can get comes from Seth, a comedian.

  4. If that's the best the show has ever been, I would really hate how the rest of the show is perceived. The program has a VERY appropriate nick name. STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease! The show is absolutely, utter garbage!

  5. Youtuber is a Star Trek fan. Youtuber bashes Star Trek and hopes it's cancelled. Youtuber is disappointed when studios refuse to take risks on new future Star Trek shows. Youtuber doesn't understand that if you support Star Trek now, we will get more Star Trek in the future. Youtuber is stupid and shortsighted.

  6. The best part of the new series of STD, was when a sassy black female doctor appears in sickbay, and for a second, I thought I was watching The Orville

  7. I just watched the first episode of the 2nd season and I did not care about this cast except Tilly. I want her to have a transporter accident never be seen again.

  8. The first thing that killed STD for me 2 years ago was when they announced that they would not broadcast it OTA. One of the most fond memories for me in high school was coming home for dinner and being able to adjust my TV's rabbit ears JUST right so that I could get TNG perfectly without any ghosting whasoever. It was one of the greatest SciFi shows I'had ever seen.

    STD being subscription only is a slap on the face of many fans who have seen loyal ST, TNG, VOYAGER, DS9, and ENTERPRIZE viewers.

    I made a decision then not to watch or by any episodes of STD ever . . . until Netflix or another service picks it up. The fact, that it is a badly conceived show when it comes to the nature of the franchise just proves that my vibe was right all along.

    I'm loving the Orville. Seth is a magician!

  9. When you have to signal this hard for an aspect that should be self evident…. chances are you aren't dealing in fact.

  10. So, the first series was hard to watch. The second started off …..ok, but the latest episode we have seen here is Australia is unfortunately heading back right where it started. One step forward, several steps back. STOP WRECKING STAR TREK!!!!!

  11. Wish I could know what it’s like to watch it, but it’s on CBS paywall shit website. I’ll have to wait for it to finally come to Netflix.

  12. You should do a documentary taking down shill entertainment industry reviews, especially the monster Rotten Tomatoes. Make it into a serious exploration of the corruption that goes on. Start a funding page for it. I know the real fans of science fiction would back you. I would.

  13. Well shit.. if they can just make up good ratings for themselves then I guess I can just say I have a PhD. because I said so.

  14. 5:35 an internal battle between reason and logic? Sorry, I though they amounted to the same thing. Through reason we arrive at logic.
    Surely they should have written,.. between Emotion and Logic.

  15. Left wing ideologist need to leave science fiction alone. The saying "Get woke go broke" comes to mind.

    I'm trying to give Star Trek Discovery (STD) a chance but it's really tough. In the first episode of season 2, in the year 2255, on the most advanced ship in Star Fleet, there is a guy rolling himself around in a wheelchair. This is bringing diversity and inclusiveness to a new level.

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