Star Trek Discovery S3E12 'There Is A Tide…' Review | TREKLAD

Osyraa and Vance come nose to nose whereas Burnham and co try to retake the Discovery, however what did I consider Star Trek Discovery’s penultimate third season …

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15 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery S3E12 'There Is A Tide…' Review | TREKLAD

  1. I have to disagree with you this week. I loved the episode. Stamets getting emotional over losing his husband and child is normal human behavior, especially if he knows he can save them but is being Vulcan neck pinched and jettisoned into space instead. Michael shedding tears over doing this to him, even if it‘s the logical thing to do, is also normal human behavior. I would have been concerned if either of them had been calm and collected, frankly.
    What they could have done was to go back to Book‘s ship and take the tunnel again, that would have gotten Stamets off Discovery as well

  2. Thought Ossyra was a totally different character this time around, very different than how she was portrayed in the story in previous episodes. If she was this complex when we met her I think the season would have had a much better feel to it concerning the Emerald Chain.

  3. I whole-heartedly disagree with your description of Stamit's reaction. His family is about to die, he has the ability to save them. THAT is what a parent would do. That is what a true partner would do. This is what a parent would do to save their child. I would flip this and say, how would you react to a bringing building with your family inside and the ability to stop it – and yet you are stopped because there's a larger fire elsewhere impacting more people.

    As for the poop to Apples issue – it's probably a necessity to replicate matter, and the rainforest ships are protecting other more valuable cargo.

  4. Character moments for ‘background characters’ are going to be few and far between in an era of 10-13 episodes a season as compared to ‘Classic’ Treks 30 episode seasons
    I think Discovery in Season 3 has done an admiral job of giving side characters their ‘moments’ – but it is what it is – the days of ‘Data’s Day’ are over
    It just seems to me – your lists of complaints just grows and grows in every Discovery video I watch of yours
    Take this episode for example – to me this was a ‘fun’ action oriented episode – sort of a Die Hard in space
    Jonathan Frakes brings out the best in Trek – this episode was well directed, written and acted
    The episode was Classic Trek in themes and tone – the negotiations between Vance and Osyraa was brilliantly realized and thought provoking
    As a subscriber, I’ve just noticed you don’t really seem to enjoy Discovery very much anymore – and that’s fine – maybe it’s just not for you – nothing wrong with that!
    2021 has to be better – right?
    To quote the great Charlton Heston – ‘It just has to be!!’
    Take care man – stay safe!!!

  5. I personally really like Stamets in this episode. Something I noticed also was that he refers to Adira as his child.

  6. Not a baddie…. who tried to feed who an apple? Made out of? Seems he should remain on the potential baddie list. Seven out of seven dwarfs agree that you DO NOT TRUST THE TAINTED APPLE GIVER.

  7. I completely agree with everything you said!
    I just wonder, after they found Federation HQ Tilly saw their rainforest in space. Surely there is space in there for some orchards, it sure looked big enough. They shouldn’t have to recycle faces to replicate apples. 🤣

  8. Happy New Year, Treklad. Your analysis of the episode is interesting. While I can't agree with your total assessment, you make valid arguments. I won't say more here because [spoilers], but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your reviews of the episodes. Keep 'em coming! Until we can gather at a Con… LLAP.

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