StarTrek #ScienceFiction #StarTrekDiscovery There are loads of connections to Brief Treks episodes within the newest from Discovery. Hear a fast evaluation from a …

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  1. That Dot 23 is totally rip off from Star Wars R2T2 with the hologram with a message from the Princess to Skywalker.
    Tilly got captain status just for the reason cause she is one of the main characters and rest of the crew is just background characters so they cant pick none of them. Even the pilots of the ship cause they cant replace them with secondary pilots like we use to have in TNG when ever someone was set as captain when Picard left for a mission

  2. Happy New Year Star Trek Nitpickers Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, This Episode was Exciting it felt like Die Hard a Bit and Micheal Burnham is Playing a Role Similar to John McClane. Anyway It was a surprise When Osyraa Killed Wren the Andorian, Here's a Theory Remember Wren Took a Personal Transporter off that Guard when the Group Took Down the Guards? Well what if Wren Transported away the Moment he was Hit Just Like Sloan From Section 31 Transported away when he was Shot by that Romulan in DS9, It's just a Theory we'll Find out Next week.

  3. Mutated child gains powers through radiation that emits some sort of SubSpace wave that resonates with Dilithium, all because he's crash landed on a Dilithium planet and somehow his cells adapt in the most random way to have synergy with Dilithium such that his cry's can resonate with Dilithium and turn Dilithium Crystals inert?

  4. The in-action of the crew during Osyraa's takeover. Look, I get that easily taking the ship is an old Trek troupe-cum-cliche. But the crew does NOTHING. Absolutely nothing to repel the borders. I get Tilly is inexperienced and this is going to be her big mistake to fix in the next episode, but the writers dumbed her way down to make this happen. Tilly knows the rule book, the regs, and would know to secure the Spore Drive, or lock out the ship's computer. Also the rest of the crew is pretty doe-eyed during the attack.
    Side note: seems Saru's arc this season is that he might not be completely ready for the captaincy.
    Speaking of Osyraa… could she be more of an RKO serial villain? Or a silver-aged mad super villain out to destroy the world… just cause? Beyond her desire to rule the galaxy's dilithium and profit from it, I don't get her beef with the Feds. Or Saru, for that matter. He bested her once and now he's her arch-nemesis. I mean it's step up from Silver-Age Superboy causing Lex to lose all his hair… I guess. She has no nuance. But then again, Discovery isn't very good at nuance.
    Also Su'Kal caused the burn because he merged with the dilithium on the planet and sends out… some hand-wavey something I still don't grok. Like one person's temper tantrum destroyed all the dilithium and blew up a bunch of starships?
    Which once again leads me to… I don't give two shits about the Burn or this entire arc.

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