Star Trek Discovery S03 E12 Review "There Is A Tide"

Star Trek Discovery season three episode 12 is known as “There’s a Tide”. Hopefully the tide will wash this sequence into the ocean by no means to be seen or heard from once more.

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48 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery S03 E12 Review "There Is A Tide"

  1. Ever notice that every episode has at least 1 unforgettably stupid act you just can't forgive.

    This show must be written by writers with the mental and emotional fortitude of a 10 year old.

  2. Jonathan Franks was credited at the start for either writing or directing this episode. It was one of the last credit names that came up at the ontro.

  3. This episode I couldn't get past the constant red glow from the red alert. Everyoen's face was awash in in every scene. And everything else was blue.

    Seriously, many entire scenes were entirely red and blue. Zero other colors. Looks cheesy and overdone.

  4. I’m not a lover of STD but go in with an open mind this season is a vast improvement overall it’s a different show but yes needs a lot of work

  5. Sorry haters…. I get what you guys are saying but I'm enjoying season 3 in particular….. Not perfect…. But nothing ever is…. Long live the federation!!

  6. Michael Burnham alone trying to retake the ship from terrorists without her shoes- ripping off Die Hard much, and during the holiday season no less. Ho ho ho, I have a phaser now.

  7. I don't even watch these shows and nor have an interest in comics etc but I love watching the reviews that mecha, efap, thorias, heel etc do.

  8. Tillly will have magical robots to validate her command and save her command… I will also remind us that the discovery was a ship that fought a big war and had an experienced crew…. and they took Tilly the ensign as a nco.

  9. give meaning was bullshit…The emerald queen killed her nephew… why is she so nice to that wheelchair guy?

  10. We’re all sick of Burnham but I have to give her character credit in this episode. When she frees Stamets and tries to get him away so Ossira can’t get the spore drive all that little whining bitch could think about was Hugh and he might lose his regular dose of Dick. FFS your a Starfleet officer Stametts and the whole crew and Federation is at risk how the fuck did he pass the psyche tests (actually how did any of these whining fools) to become officers. Supposed to be trained to achieve their best in high stakes and remain composed to do your duty above personal issues. The only likeable character left is Jett.

  11. Hey red thought it finished last week Hahahahaha Fuk this show is bad
    Just let the private be in charge of the war

  12. I haven't watched Fake Trek (I prefer to let people like you filter it for me and occasionally poop out comedy gold), but I can't help wondering why "Timmy" uses an old-school unpowered wheelchair. For that matter, shouldn't they have powered prostheses by that time so that they can walk? (This bothered me the first time I saw TOS "the Menagerie," where Pike was like a convertible Dalek with the top down and a "yes"/"no" vocabulary.)

    Minor nitpick: I could've done without the closing cameo from Picard's Admiral Holdo or whatever she's called. And yes, at this point it isn't really possible to confuse FT and (Sequels) SW. Just give Mikey a lightsaber. I don't care.

  13. I mean this in the kindest of ways and I would love to have a discussion with you about it. You pointed out that the actor in a wheelchair represented his community. You don't remember her name nor really his story, but him being there was enough that a community of people was represented. That's what all of these "forced diversity" characters do. Is Michael Burnham, the character, the best? No, I find the character a bit too uptight for me. However, when you link her race to your negative reviews. Whether it's intentional or not, you send the message that one of the flaws of this character is the actors race.

    I can tell that your comments aren't coming for a malicious place. You're just trying to "protect" a franchise that you have love and respect for.

    That genuine connection you made with the star trek franchise came from you watching the show and relating to someone. If you HATE the show, then HATE the show. Nitpick it until there is nothing left. If you HATE the writing, the acting, the plot hell, even the way they light a scene. That's okay! Don't hate the representation, even if it doesn't directly relate to you. Even if these characters are put here solely because of their skin color, that doesn't change the fact that little dark skin kids can discover a show where people who like them are more than just criminals or side characters. Those little girls don't care why Michael is in the show. They just care that someone who looks like them is on their screen. I would really like you to reply, because I want to discuss this with you.

  14. Oded Fehr is a favorite of mine since his Mummy time. Loved him in Charmed and Resident Evil. What is he doing in this trash tv show? 5:30 Did Thraw get the wrong Star francise? 😂😂😂

  15. All on pointe particularly with the diversity thing. They really think it's enough to drop diversity in and no one will notice that they can't write a show. I thought that they'd develop Adira after they got rid of Yum Yum but still they don't have an arc. Also the fact that the trans person is dead is really uncomfortable symbolism why couldn't Grey be alive and actually doing stuff?

  16. Even the bad guys look as if they were from The Mandalorian. There wasnt a crew in the history of Trek that I cared that less about.

  17. O.k. agreeing with the Mary Sue is one thing. But agreeing with the Mary Sue and praiseing Discovery in the same week? Who are you imposter, and what have you done with the Harpy Queen?

  18. I finally worked out what discovery is missing t make it a real thoughtful program….in all other series of Star Trek you have an outsider that is learning what it means to be human.
    In TOS it was spock and his human side, in TNG it was data, in DS9 it was odo and in voyager it was 7 of 9 and the doctor
    There has been no character in discovery that can really be used to show the outsiders view on humanity which enables us to learn more about ourselves and our own morality….that has been the great loss that has let all this down

  19. So, according to Little Miss Mecharandom, it’s only representation if it’s not LGBT related. Mecharandom is anti-LGBT. It all makes sense now!

  20. Did I miss a scene where the conference room fight ended and the two people were captured? I thought the ship jumped in and out from inside the federation shield, why did they return to headquarters outside of the shield? Wasn’t the scientist in engineering when Burnham rescued Stamits, how’d he end up on the bridge afterwards?

  21. I think they mentioned they finished the season using actors in their homes in makeup on backgrounds and making it look like they were on Discovery and other spots. A 3 part finale that can't tie up the season (seasons 1 and 2 tied up their stories) seems to be more evidence. Maybe they wrote the story for what they could shoot and gambled they would get a 4th season. I think we'll see this on more shows made in 2020-2021.

  22. You're right Becca I!! lost my shit when Timmy went across the screen thank you for making my day God bless happy new Year!!

  23. there truly is no end to how bad this show can get. seriously. the only reason to watch it is just to see how much more terrible it can get.

  24. Discovery is a show I would have made had I been hired to make Star Trek 8 years ago. Now I'd make something much more like TNG.

  25. Orion Woman NOT sexy…OK I have had to suffer some Q damn insults to my brand my name and my characters…..BUT THIS, this shall not pass.

  26. Why, oh why is Oded Faihr on this piece of crap show? Has he spent all of his Mummy movie money? Is he broke? I hope they pay him well for doing nothing but standing there.

  27. "Not Sulu", "Mrs T," "Lethal Left Eye", you certainly have a knack for coming up with memorable names for STD characters, Mecha… it's a shame that the "writers" of the series aren't similarly gifted.

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