Star Trek: Discovery of Shame | Doctor Who Award Thoughts | Counterpart

Welcome to the Nerdrotic Nooner Right now we’ll talk about the persevering with disaster with the Star Trek canon with some new information. We’ll discuss CBS/Viacom.

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27 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery of Shame | Doctor Who Award Thoughts | Counterpart

  1. 32:43 – I predict the next doctor as a non-white male. This will make the progressives happy AND give us all a male character that can (hopefully) more easily breakthrough all the extreme political ideologies right now (as the radicals won't feel happy attacking an actor/character that doesn't fit their hate targeting) and give us the prospect of a Doctor with character and substance again. Naturally, the writers are a very important part of making it work too 🙂

  2. NA, AA, well, that explains alot. No , you are not a sexist, racist, nope, not you..
    I have to admit that your shows are very funny..

  3. Saw the last Orville today, it was a touching espisode that had feeling! Wow, I could empathize with the characters. This is just not the case with STD…it’s way too self righteous in its approach. Orville is the human show and much more identifiable to me.

  4. Star Wars is not dead. This sequel Trilogy is dead. Check out Thor Skywalker’s channel. He has the best content on Star Wars.

  5. Found an appropriate comment on TheRegister (a British technology news site) when the topic of Dr Who came up:

    "The problem with Doctor Who is that the stories have the subtly of a teenagers hastily written story for a school assignment on feminism and diversity."

    (posted as "Anonymous Coward" on the site, so I can't give due credit).

  6. Brilliant as always. I had a similar situation as your son when I was 13/14 I had baby teeth that had no adult teeth underneath so they didn't fall out. Which lead to a dentist pulling them out. Hope Jr will be doing good later. Put on some classic who for him maybe it will cheer him up. Hope to catch you live next time been saving up a little pocket change for a super chat.

  7. Hi Gary! I stumbled across your channel a few weeks ago and subscribed immediately. I love your point of view on most of the topics you talk about. I can't wait for this expanse ganza. And congratulations on the 40,000 subscribers! I live in France so I watch on replay most of the time, no live chat for me.
    PS jodie whittaker makes my eyes bleed!

  8. Gary should save the meetup for Australia by the looks of it, every second comment or superchat is from one of my countrymen.

  9. Big fan of your channel!!
    Just was wondering what you think of the series on YT called Star Trek Continues?? I think it's a great series, in my humble opinion it is one of the best done shows out there. Star Trek fans should definitely check it out. I'm new to the channel so I'm not sure if or when you talked about it, but thought it was worth a honorable mention.

  10. You hit the nail on the head we watch sci-fi for escapism , we don't want to be preached too or even reeducated regards history.

  11. STO only mentioned Kelvin timeline in passing and Discovery is really shoehorned inwith minimal effort (good for them). Even Discovery packs are perpetually on a huge sale because nobody wants them.

  12. Oh yeah, I figured out the Doctor Who problem.
    We don't want a friendly barmaid, sorry Jodie. I hate the people who hired you, not you.
    What we really Need is an olde, horrifically opinionated British white man
    that hates everybody, and is hated by everyone… ★ Jeremy Clarkson ! ★
    Problem solved. Just give him a cool car and half a script He's Pertwee.

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