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32 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery mid-season – re:View

  1. 0:59 You knw I'd actually watch a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie and probably like it, though that's because I have faith in the type of movie I will be getting as well as trust in his ability to make a competent film.

  2. The way Mike talks about how he likes the technical stuff, and the order of the reglemented military stuff, but he also enjoys the interpersonal conflict of uptight people – makes me think he would love the Horatio Hornblower books.

  3. Anyone else surprised that Rich doesn’t know anything about Dune and Mike only knows it from the David Lynch film adaptation? I thought that was part of the nerd codex.

  4. 20:37 about the housekeeping joke…

    I have only seen 10 epi as of now. I think only certain characters make those kind of jokes. Like it feels like it is something meta going on. When the helms guy said a joke about white and black guys, the security head says "I don't know what you mean but ok." Only certain terrains joke like that not sure how to explain but it could be like a half 4th wall break or something

  5. When you guys are talking about progressivism in Star Trek, or the lack thereof, you failed to mention the black female captain that Pickard meets with in the second-to-last episode of season 1 where these parasites have taken over the admiralty. Not to say that this season was really progressive considering THAT other episode where Denise Crosby fights that woman with the scorpion hand.

  6. Rich is never going to read this but you turned out to be right about Isaac, he named himself after Isaac Newton. But they also reference Asimov so it's kind of both?

  7. Mike: complains about ST not being very progressive.
    Mike: seconds later categorizes people by gender and color.

  8. I'm 20 minutes in, and they've barely talked about Star Trek Discovery. Why is this called a review of Discovery? This is a review of The Orville, so far? A lot happens in the first half of the first season of Discovery, and they won't stop talking about The Orville. It's so bizarre.

  9. You guys are just looking at it wrong. You should be grateful that, even though its a total spoof, there is GREAT Star Trek on TV in the form of The Orville. Believe me, you won't be getting it anywhere else, especially CBS. The fact that The Orville is so close to TNG is actually fulfilling the fans needs. They are making Star Trek, and they've found a loophole that allows them to make compelling… recycled Star Trek shows. So point of fact, it is supposed to look a little too much like TNG.

  10. i've never seen any star trek besides the new trilogy but i could listen to these guys talk about it for the rest of m- their lives

  11. Hey Mike.. You spoke of Dune. I remember, I think in the Mid-90s, I went to a Video Store (kids, look it up) I rented Dune.. and it came with from what I remember a 30 PAGE booklet to read BEFORE you watched the video.. I had never seen that before or since. Anyone else remember this?

  12. I love these guys. No matter how much money they make or popularity they get. They're still the same washed up, cynical, hack schmucks they've always been.

  13. Dear Quentin.. I known it’s supposed to not happen… but PLEASE do Star Trek!!!
    Prime Universe… ignore Kurzman Trek.
    Even have Shatner. Why not? He’s as cool as ever at 80 odd years young.
    Whatever …. just the Tarantino touch will make a classic.

  14. I'm interacting to support the channel.

    This was better than PewDiePie playing Minecraft, or Markiplier and JackSepticEye playing Fortnite, or MrBeast watching ASMR videos.

  15. 27:20 You mean implied in the regular non mirror universe right? Am I the only one who saw the gay romance between Obrien and Bashir?

  16. Mike: "There are always going to be fart jokes in the Orville."

    The Orville: gets rid of most obnoxious jokes ( including fart jokes) in season 2.

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