Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit Update | Discovery Ordered on Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit Replace | Discovery Ordered on Discovery – We acquired an replace from our buddy and the champion of small avid gamers and creators …

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34 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit Update | Discovery Ordered on Discovery

  1. The failure in the Star Trek Franchise happened when they stopped moving forward. Going back in time (in the Star Trek universe) is countering the point of Star Trek, which is always looking to the future (with hope). Let's let the (future) past die. And open up the universe to fan writers who actually get it!

  2. Star Trek Discovery is a collage of Sci-Fi ideas… much – if not all of it — is "stolen"…
    The first few episodes mirror "Alien Resurrection" in many ways: Burnham sneaking in the secret science lab on the Discovery is Call sneaking up on the Ripley cloning experiment aboard the Auriga. The breath DNA test security door lock is a copy and paste idea.
    TARDIGRADES for space travel… evidently taken from an exotic video game.
    Quo'nos, the Klingon Homeworld very much reminds me of the lower sectors of the city in Valerian.
    Episode 13 is basically "Fringe" with Star Trek flavoring…
    There's even a bit of Ghostbusters in it… when they use a gravitation ghost trap to extract a spore ghost from Tilly.
    I actually don't mind "stealing"… take every idea out there as creative influence… but do it right… make something good (or even better) out of the ideas you take up from the work of others!

  3. Just paid for the first series on amazon as I was unaware! So angry for the original creator! I will be making a complaint to amazon prime for having this on their platform and boycotting the next series (even if its really hard as I love star trek sooooo much)!

  4. I just stumbled across this and have no idea what's going on can anybody explain? I've already searched the comments

  5. Does anyone here remember back when DS9 was sued by J. Michael Stracynski for stealing his idea (Babylon 5)…and JMS won the lawsuit in court?

    Hmmm, seems the Star Trek franchise really has no original ideas of their own!

  6. all he talks about is before September 2017, i wrote a review of the brief teaser for Discovery back on December 14, 2016. The show is great, and i think people should work together collectively instead of against each other destructively. He completed his game sometime in 2015, and hasn't touched it since, it never made it into the Steam Store, and as far as i can tell, only 16 people are interested in the game. What i see is a butt hurt snowflake, crying that Star Trek Discovery closely resembles his game, seriously, get over it kid. Shit happens, maybe next time you'll be sure to copyright your content before you release it to the world, and seriously? plagiarism? you copied someone else's work for the game engine, and the art style from Oregon Trail. Nerdrotic, you seem like a good guy, though the right people to root for are CBS, as they actually did the work for it, and have copyrights.

  7. Tardigrades are the only known organism known to survive in the vacuum of space, so they already have a very public association with space travel.
    I don't think it's out of the question that this is pure coincidence, as much more striking coincidences than this have happened in the past.

  8. The whole reason for STD's existence is to be a propaganda vehicle for SJWs and push their degeneracy on everyone. Even if the show loses money they will keep making it because perverting a cultural icon like Star Trek is worth more than money to them.

  9. Gary's got a real hard on for Star Trek Discovery he must really hate this little black girl Michael Burnham smh like I said I worry more about what the officials that run this country are doing not a Star Trek show I don't even let the general public know that I even watch Star Trek I treat Star Trek like heroin I'm doing it but I don't want anybody to know that I'm doing it.

  10. The only people who are cheering for this game developer doesn't understand that CBS owns the rights to the television part of Trek so if they don't want another Star Trek show, keep pushing the negativity

  11. Star treks tardigrade is not the same as that dudes video game… The dudes idea game shows that the tardigrade wraps around the human like a suit and then thrust them from one place to another… DSC tardigrade doesn't do that as it travels alone… The characters in his game isn't identical to DSC characters…

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