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34 thoughts on “STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Is…A Ship Of Fools (Season 3, Episode 4 & 5)

  1. Do they deliberately whiten Anthony Rapp's skin for this show? Just like Rian Johnson did with General Hux
    in The Force Awakens. We get it "White Man Bad" Look up pictures of the actors and tell thats not White face.

  2. At this point they should make Star Fleet High – a teen soap set in the Star Trek universe with songs in it, like Glee.

  3. I've noticed that all the series that have been taken over by the under 30 crowd (Star Wars, Doctor Who, the entire comic book industry!) with under 30-year old writers have characters that act like this. They are basically writing themselves. They think their attitudes and behaviors are virtuous and good so they write the characters as such. The rest of us think they are defective and mentally ill. I think it reveals a lot about these kids controlling the strings on these long existing franchises.

  4. @Zack Already told you on your review of episode 3, STD is plainly dumb, hopeless, idiotic, moronic. Stop watching. Stop talking about it. Stop acknowledging its existence. It's gone. Just let it go.

  5. Maybe this show is an imaginary tale from Berman as she sits in solitary confinement, in the dark, while in prison.

  6. You know the Prime Directive can't exist in a woke universe. It's basically saying that inferior people have to be kept out. It's pretty much Build The Wall for the future.

  7. If they think that the spores are driving the people insane, why wouldn't they just remove the drive and replace it with a different type that uses a functional fuel source (since dilithium is now explosive without reason)?

  8. Kurtzman is just recycling the old material Gene Roddenberry threw in the bin. How long will it be before we will see some kind of space conduit that only an organic being can navigate? Or Dyson sphere that is home to a parasitic alien race? Or a civilization based on the philosophy of Nietzsche's writings?

  9. In a universe full of unknown dangers, genocidal militant species, and weapons capable of destroying planets.. that crew's existence can't be justified. You let them go out there, and they might start a war (again). They're just too mentally unstable to be allowed to represent the starfleet.

  10. I was so disgusted with this season that when I got to episode 8 or 9 I couldn’t watch the rest of the episode because it just pushed me over the edge with annoyance.
    What a waste of a franchise, having Burnam forced down our throats and wishing she would go away is tiring. I can’t take it anymore it’s so bad.

  11. You know, i never watched the show, i knew it would be bad, and i was going to skip this vid because I don't care at all about STD, but I'm glad I did. Excellent analysis.

  12. season 3 is worse than one or two. every character is horrible (burnham of course, but even saru is pathetic now). so bad it is that i had to stop watching, and i had seen every trek until now. i enjoyed all trek until jj and kurtzman trek

  13. Your screenshot looks like it's from an afterschool special set in a school for the developmentally disabled. Star Fleet Windowlickers Academy.

  14. Zack. Go watch The Expanse. Hell, watch Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, or Lexx. This is a waste of Odeh Fehr and David Cronenberg. I do like Michelle Yeoh, but she's great for other genres.

    I heard she's pissed about this star trek contract because they lied about her episode count. She apparently signed on for a few episodes and was pissed about the Emperor character.

    So…Phillipa being a salty see you next Tuesday might not be acting.

  15. A boxer or competitor of any type who wins against a weak opponent does not haveva significant victory. A strong sane competitor wants to beat a good fighter or a skilled competitor and savor that victory. The 'strong women' characters win at everything and have no real opposition and no real struggles and this is not empowering.

  16. when you steal the shiny bits, the cool looking scenes from other shows and movies, and when you do not have a narrative thread to connect those 'cool looking scenes' , this is how you get shows this badly written.

  17. In space, people this incompetent and undisciplined would have killed every one on board the ship. I am not going into how they are ignoring or mocking the ideals of the federation and StarTrek or seem to to have no military or nit military chain of command. And how do they ignore a ship's computer suddenly going sentient without any one intending the computer to do that?

  18. The trope of a song that multiple people hear or know for mysterious reasons was ripped off from the Battlestar Galactica reboot series.

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