Star Trek: Discovery | Inside The Season 3 Finale

Government Producer/Co-Showrunner Michelle Paradise and Government Producer/Director Olatunde Osunsanmi – together with stars Doug Jones (Saru), Blu del …

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27 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | Inside The Season 3 Finale

  1. I really liked this Season of Discovery, a few tweaks here and there but that's with everything in life. The last 3 mins were reallllllly dope!!! The only question I have is shouldn't Lt. Detmer be in Red and not Gold?? But I really we are on our way Season 4 should be dope!!!

  2. I don’t know about Admiral, but I think Saru might become a Fleet Captain – which is an active rank in one of the concept drawings for the tri-coms. Also, if Van sees fit, I wouldn’t mind having Saru also have ambassadorial authority. No reason an ambassador cannot also be an officer in Starfleet. That way, we see some progress on his journey, while not rolling back Michael making it to the Chair. Let her have that position. She has earned it. But let’s Saru have a bit more authority, either by promotion, or being giving more responsibility. I can also see him be an adjutant to Vance. Sisko was one under Ross, and he didn’t take a promotion to do it. The same could be done here.

  3. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Such a great season finale! I love Star Trek, and Discovery! I love the theme of reconnection, rebuilding for something better, and a fresh start. Especially with all that's going on the in the world. I hope we're all able to reconnect again. Thanks for a wonderful show and lifting my spirits.

  4. LOVED IT!💪🏼🙌🏼 especially what Vance said 🙏🏼. From the beginning I Knew it was about Michael becoming captain. She’s of the same cloth as Pike and Kirk. Maverick, cowboy up! Git er Done. In TOS there were mentions of Kirk pushing it, in the old cartoon trek series , too. I’m definitely delighted in the fact this woman earned her place like Janeway. She made sacrifices and had losses but never gave up. I’m even more pleased she’s a black woman. One of the most downtrodden people on the planet. 🙏🏼💪🏼🙌🏼🖖🏼

  5. Bravo, to all the cast and crew! It was well worth the wait and journey they took us on to get Michael into that captain's chair! So deserving, now that her season one self-righteous ambition to lead has truly been checked, and eclipsed by the life lessons of humility and humanity she's suffered valiantly through these last three seasons. Looking forward to the new adventures of season four with our new Captain Burnham!

  6. I had my issues with the choices in writing this season, but I think you all brought it together for the last episode of the season. Some of the choices the writers made during the season were really suspect but finally making Burnham captain and the overall wrap-up to the season makes me continue to like this show and look forward to next season.

  7. With this move, they have verified, to me, that the Burnam character is cut from the same cloth as JJ Kirk. Not that that is a bad thing IMO. I like the JJ crew. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  8. Season-3 was good overall with many good episodes filled with tension & entertainment. I'm not yet embracing the season finale, I felt it was a bit rushed & would've enjoyed it more if it had explained a few cruical moments with further details instead of just "plot" moments it seemed. I also didn't like how quickly Burnham "killed" Osyraa. Burnham finally taking the Captain's chair will be nice but only if she balances it with a Stamets as #1 given the valid tension between them now. Admiral or Ambassador Saru would be nice too & well earned.

  9. I like how they ended it on a hopeful note with new uniforms and hinting that next season will be more about exploring type and style of Star Trek instead of just action and war. I hope they focus more on the characters and we can see more simple everyday interaction between them like they did in the series before it. Thats what made them member able and why 20 years later you can see youtube videos with 10's of thousands of views even today. After 3 seasons of STD I still don't know what the names of the bridge crew are or their back story. I hope they fix that in season 4.

  10. Please spend season 4 exploring. I'd be fine with season 4 taking its time meeting so many of those "former" Federation Planets. They said they had over 150 planets.

  11. Burnham did not earn that position.. Her character literally took steps back in her character growth. Inhonestly blaim the writing for this.. The conflicts she had with Saru, the butting heads with Admiral Vance, the disobeying direct orders.. She does not deserve the captains chair. Do I think Saru also messed up? Yes. But her getting the captains chair felt forced at the end.. Is it canonically sound? I guess.. Kirk did worse.. Janeway.. But those were after they had the chair, not part of their ascendency to captain.. Idk..

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