Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

Study extra: Earlier than Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the iconic and influential international franchises returns to …

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45 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

  1. CBS got a fact wrong. It says ten years before Kirk and Spock and the Enterprise. But if you watch the classic TOS Episode The Menagerie. In the flashback Spock 🖖 claims the events with Captain Pike happened 13 years ago… explain that CBS! There would have been Spock, check your facts before you release a trailer to millions of Trekkies that pay attention to this stuff😡

    Sorry but the Spock from Discovery doesn’t cut if for me. Zackery Quinto is pretty good Leonard Nimoy is great I met him at a old Star Trek convention

  2. I would love something post voyager! What happened to them? What has Admiral Janeway been up to? After the Dominon war of course, that era was beat to death. Please give us something new!

  3. Wow, 12K of Star Trek Haters. I really want off this cursed planet! IDIC is a forgotten term for so many so-called Trekkies! To my fellow, Discovery fans may you LLAP! Reach for the Stars!

  4. If this is set 10 years before the original series why do the uniforms, ships and technology look nothing like the original series?

  5. Here is an IDEA 💡, instead of making crap T.V. series you can pull from fan base shows. ARES CLASS ship and the war. Stop making junk shows. You people make a lot of money, start earning it. Would you consider Ares Class tv show?

  6. Omg Iv only seem one episode so far and this the best since the original I’ll probably get a lot of negative feedback but I love it so far

  7. I'm a Star Trek fan through and through and I'll have you know that the haters and the purists don't speak for all Trekkies–I'll take all of the Star Trek I can get. I love how everybody here is basically just pissed off because STD is too well funded and they're making a futuristic sci-fi show look TOO futuristic for the time-frame it's supposed to be in. They're supposed to what…just ignore the advent of CGI and the other leaps of technology we've had since the last low budget series and make the show look cheesier just to please a vocal minority? The plot has been very enjoyable so far and season two looks to be even better. I can't wait to see more.

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  9. I was interested in this. But when I realized that they were streaming this *exclusively* on CBS… I realized that I find these tactics to be most irritating. I can watch reruns of stargate to scratch the same itch — through exclusivity they have lost, at least, this viewer — does anyone else agree?

  10. If this takes place before all of the Star Trek we know, how comes this is the 13th ship when there are only 12 and they have more advanced technology than the current Star Trek?

  11. From what I've seen of the previews this is going to be an excellent series I hope they elaborate more on it do not put this on the Shelf

  12. For those looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.

  13. How about you ungrateful dorks go rewatch the old stuff and stop crying about something new that isn't romantic comedy or police drama. The incessant whining is unbearable. You have the power to watch what you want. Look up how ratings and advertising works and do something to change that system before you spew all over a decent new sci find show. It's no wonder nothing stays on the air anymore.

  14. I dont care what spin CBS tries to put on this. This has got to be the worst incarnation of a star trek series ever. Coupled with horrid acting and storylines only to look more absurd by the "jogging" uniforms and amateur cgi effects better suited for a video game cut scene. Plus you have to get a CBS all access account to even watch the thing. (No thanks).

  15. I genuinely liked the show even if it is a prequel. When comparing it to Star Trek: The Next Generation which is by far my favorite Star Trek series, I'll admit that at times it felt like the audience was more for kids. This show however, clearly knew their audience and I couldn't help but appreciate that.

  16. Amazing how everybody is getting apeshit upset over nothing (Saw level violence and F-Bombs in Star Trek). Get real people, look at Harry Potter, started as a g rated film for kids now its virtually rated R now. Same with Scooby Doo, acording to trivia, the Scooby Doo film was originally gonna be rated R. Big with Tom Hanks, a kid movie with an F bomb in it and to top it off, I bought my first gay porn movie in a porn shop at age 11. So tell me, what makes Star Trek so upsetting with everyday common human trait behavior? It shouldn't. For the longest, I always felt that Star Trek sucked on the account that it never exposed 100 percent of all human traits and from the way I see it, Star Trek or the producers of Star Trek is finally starting to wake up. So if you people can't handle Star Trek at its best, you can go fuck yourselves godammit. They should've did this with Star Trek from the beginning.To me, this is what I call Star Trek 2: The Rebirth of the Franchise.

  17. This show is truly terrible. It’s like a crappy show that comes on before the show you want to watch comes on the sci go channel

  18. Well yes, of course, before Kirk there was a woman captain and she was smarter, stronger, and braver. Thank goodness we have another woman to save us. When will they stop the B.S. already?

  19. I refuse to watch this show!!! the little fucktard nobody, Anthony Rapp. Fuck him!!! he escaped sexual advances. What he won't escape is his shit show ratings. His obvious obsession for attention of an incident 30yrs. old, 30 fucking years, and now he stars on some piece of shit T.V. show, and suddenly this incident from all those years that he kept such a dark, horrifying, nasty sexual advances that came his way on that dark night. Fuck The Producers that shit this turd among the stars. Oh and by the way everybody. ALL of Hollywood is about Rape !!! If you think that isn't a true statement. Get insanely famous and die suddenly. They will rape your ass Jackson style forever at warp speed. this show is a rapp.

  20. Star Trek discovery AND paramount and cbs ALL suck giant targ dong. The series is devoid of anything actually Star Trek. The morons behind it flipped the bird to the true Star Trek fans. If Roddenberry were alive, this POS would have never aired. The Orville is true Star Trek… and Roddenberry would have agreed. There is a reason the ratings of the Orville are sky-rocketing and discovery is in the toilet.

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