Star Trek: Discovery | Finding The Good In Osyraa

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15 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | Finding The Good In Osyraa

  1. The federation has an opportunity for peace and threw it in the trash. Amnesty is necessary for peace sometimes. Outlandishly stupid given the circumstances.

  2. Sounds like the same type of deal the federation counsel approved with the sona sona sona federation had the planet and the sona had the technology although it wasn't an alliance it was more like a trade agreement we know how that ended for all parties not to mention admiral Vance I'm surprised he is still alive given his rank in the federation Starfleet admirals in startrek always die in battle its like wearing a red shirt in the original series death is fixed in

  3. There no more striking image of a celestial being than the intro to the kardsians in STNG season one or two i cannot recall. The lighting sparks your mind into another realm, the , damn instead im in a cluster storm of capitalism and a epidemic, and people who still smoke cigarettes

  4. We're the writers taking a jab at Capitalism here? The very system that makes everything in the entertainment industry possible? Keeps you all well paid, food in you stomach and I would imagine a nice roof over your heads? Just wondering.

  5. Vance never had a real apple…why? They have warp capable ships and do visit other planet. Why does the EC have more technology than the Federation? The Federation has programmable matter, comm badges with personal transporters & tricorders…but they can't replicate 900 year old tech? Vance wanting her to stand trial does not negate the fact that the EC as a whole operates on different principles than the Federation, they don't meet the qualifications for admission into the Federation at all. Why is Vance the only one in the meeting…does he run the whole Federation? You would expect to see at least a few high ranking members be present for such a meeting. And while it was true on the Enterprise NX-01…1000 years earlier that the food was made from poop, it seems silly that it would still be the case at this point in the timeline. I also found it odd to her Osyraa blame the burn for her actions…she didn't know what life was like before the burn, she wasn't born until well after it had happened. And the Orions were never known as trustworthy or being guided by Federation values before the burn…the Orion syndicate wasn't much different from the EC. I want new trek stories, I just want them to make more sense.

  6. When Vance said that having a lie dectector was de riguer (normal practice), I loved that A. Latin survivd 900 years and B. The level of Mistrust between SF and the Planets. This is further emphasized that by revealing the Base component of there food is waste, it shows that SF is isolated from normal contact with the Planets and their resources. It's as if SF is a rougue component, hanging on for Survival, without support.

  7. Just because you do things wrong for the right things still doesn't make them right. I think that with osyrra it's not just black and white it's the grey in between the colors of right and wrong.

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