Star Trek Discovery Finale Theories | Burn, Federation & More! SPOILERS

In todays video I will be sharing a couple of theories I’ve about Star Trek Discovery Season 3! LLAP! Star Trek is an American science fiction leisure …

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46 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Finale Theories | Burn, Federation & More! SPOILERS

  1. How about Osyraa gets enough info to make her own experimental spore drive and gets to be a baddy in season 4? Will season 4 be about keeping the spore drive a secret and end with Discovery hidden in a nebula? Will it be too dangerous for Discovery to be present in the future so they send it back into the past again (in the nebula)? After all, the Calypso short had Discovery sitting in the nebula for 1,000 years during which time the Federation had collapsed, which suggests its time there began not in the future but around the time of Pike/Kirk.

  2. Spectacle guy as Federation president? Cool. Great if he is around in season 4. He plays the part so well. However: The spectacle thing makes me think he is from the Mirror Universe, based on Mirror Lorca's eye problems. Also the fact that he has always had a fascination with the MU and knows so much about it, suggests that, as with Lorca, it is from first-hand experience.
    I was really disappointed by the little floating robots at the end of episode 12. Oh no, I thought, is this a piss-take at Disney or Paws Patrol or something, or is season 4 going to be full of dumbed-down cutesy robots as a universal prop that simply fixes everything and take all the suspense away?

  3. I just got done watching the star trek discovery season 3 finale and this was not what I expected, Ketwolski I can't wait for you to comment on the season 3 finale

  4. Terrible, episode, just terrible. None of the storylines are fleshed out, just crazy screaming magic, not scifi, Saru just basically giving up his career so they could put omnipotent Michael in the captain's chair.

  5. Wish I had watched this before the episode cause now I literally can not speak to anything you have theorized. I will say the episode was good at points and disappointing at other points. They did a few things that I wouldn't have done but all in all in my opinion the episode worked for what they were trying to do. Though ending left a little to be desired for me.

  6. I feel like there aren't enough episodes in the seasons to build out the characters/story. TNG had 20+ episodes per season. I feel alot of things are skipped or jumped passed on Discovery.

  7. Not been impressed with this season…. I was ok with the burn until they explained what it was… Sukal (or however you spell it) is kinda idiotic to me. I don't have high hopes for this season finale. But I'll catch it 1st thing in a morning

  8. It's funny. I definitely started to hope for the predictable deus ex machina conclusion, and oddly, for the Trek of it all. The heart of Star Fleet is built on the not fully earned help from future friends. I think that I can suffer the trope for that Charter signing scene you describe.

  9. UFP PRESIDENT DAX OR RETURN FROM THE PROPHETS SISKO OR GEORGIO RED SUITS HER SELF FOWARD IN TIME 100+ years earlier, stops the burn, thus allowing discovery to still safely jump to an intact federation then using Carl to travel back once again.

    Or SeaQuest the fuq out of the episode and destroy discovery and discovery A and get a discovery B season 4!

  10. I believe there will be some surprise. With the word hope in the title it should end positively. Saru could very easily go & help Su'Kal adjust to the real world & Kelpian society. It bothers me that the holoprogram changed Culber, Saru, Burnham & Adira's species. I enjoyed seeing Doug Jones without makeup- but it gets silly with the apparent (from promo pictures) changes that happen to Adira. Last Fall sometime I watched the Voyager episode where a copy of the Dr is reactivated & put on trial in the 31st Century. I realized he could possibly crossover to Discovery. I've see it mentioned twice once on this thread & on another channel. They'd have to explain Robert Picardo's aging..but that would be fun to see at some point. Just dreading no new Star Trek episodes for a while.

  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Yes your guess have been wrong most of the time, but this is clear cut, ? DOES Osyras die/ NOT LIKELY, DOES the Vulcan/ Romulan fleet show up LIKELY, DOES anyone die OH YA hopefully the bad guy by Tilly's hand, DOES the bots have WEAPONS and SHIELDS YES.

  12. I'd like to see them blow the Discovery completely, and the front of Season Four would be the crew reassigned as Stamets supervises the spore tech installation as they build the new SOTA 1031-A, to be launched about three episodes in.

  13. Most propably it pans out closely to your predictions. However I fear they will use this Episode to get rid of Saru (one of the few good characters of the show). He will die in order to save the child and the others on that story device, ahem planet. It is the only way to finaly get Burnham into that chair. I hope I am wrong but it all fits together: Burnhams ( incosistend and unbelievable) character change in this season, Saru's current situation and the fact that they show his true face. And this would also explain why they keep that part for the last episode. I hope I am wrong…

  14. First off love your Trek energy. This is my first comment ever made, so please bear with me. I do hope to see the races they've run into come up the Federation and than recommit to joining the Federation again

  15. I got new pack of Earl Grey tea, I am to make it so fine with milk and honey so I could engage in the series tomorrow well.

  16. You missed Riker and Picard 10.0 turning up in the Enterprise-K…

    And the Guardian of Forever dragging Ketwolski in to future and being revealed as the big bad responsible for the burn – wearing a red shirt 😉🤣🤣🤣

  17. I don't expect any help for Starfleet and Discovery- lack of dilithium in the first place , then both Ni'Var and the Earth severed the connection and even do not communicate to Federation. Trill also – they might even not know where the remnants are situated. And I hope the Su"Kal is not the cause for the Burn ( it would be illogical, stupid and cruel if he was).

  18. I think season 3 has been a remarkable breathe of fresh air from current star trek, I really hope it ends well, but even if the ending is disappointing season 3 would still be the best season of discovery to date

  19. Prediction: A timeheist by Burnam and Co. in order to keep Discovery from Osyraa. Although Burnbam sent her "Red Angel" suit into a wormhole nothing is said about her mothers suit. We know according to the Season 2 closer that the Enterprise sees the final Red Angel signal, but we the viewer don't know where it came from as of yet.

    There's been a lot of talk about the Temporal wars and accords and how "ironclad" they are. So they send only ship is sent back in time to keep it safe. This ties into the short trek Calypso where we see the ship waiting for the crew to "arrive" at the right time.

    The Federation in the meantime has become the "V'drash", an evil shadow of the Federation and what it stood for.

    Season 4 sees Cronenberg's character work with and/or against the Disco crew as they try to fix the timeline, to put right what once went wrong. This would also tie back into her voiceover from the begining of the season, "We didn't give everything for this version of the future and I'll be damned if I let it stand."

  20. I like your idea that the creature is the real Su'Kal and the other Su'Kal is actually a hologram. Honestly, it would fit pretty nicely given the fact that the Kelpians and the Ba'ul evolved side by side and the creature looked pretty Ba'ulish.

  21. I don't think they've actually renamed anything, I think it's simply a matter of a list of tentative episode titles making its way onto the internet before they'd been fully decided on. The fandom assumed it was official, but CBS only ever released the episode titles once, and that was in their final form. I imagine most episodes of most shows go through a working title or two before deciding on a title, it's just that this season's list got reported on preemptively before it was official. All that to say: Nothing is being changed and the fandom jumped the gun on considering the episode titles official.

  22. Obviously with Burman's mom coming to the rescue and the fact that she holds the award for being the all time time traveler! The episode will end with Discovery being thrown back back a thousand years.

  23. From the synopsis it does seem like there will be some more explanation fingers crossed anyway I'll be disappointed if that is it I rather did enjoy most of the season but if they finish on that kind of note then egh, kind of like Picard finale

  24. I predict that at least 3 characters spend at least 5 minutes (cumulatively) crying. Mikey Spock will be one, if not all three, of these characters.

    In a significant deviation from events to date, Mikey Spock will somehow either save the day, or take credit for someone else saving the day.

    The fun twist I'd like o see if Mikey fecking off to the future with her Mom, never to be seen again.

  25. Maybe an android picard or holo Riker will show up. Got to keep putting Riker in everything (which I’m not complaining about haha)

  26. What if they revealed the Federation President and it was a descendant of Riker? Then there would have been a Riker in EVERY incarnation of Trek since TNG.

    Sorry, except for Kelvin timeline.

  27. If any of the bridge crew died, I'd put my money on Rhys or Brice. They've worked on developing Detmer and Owosekun and left those two behind…Bryce gave his full name to Captain Pike at the beginning of season 2 and I can't even remember it.

  28. if we don't learn something new about kelpians or dilithium and the burn's galactic scale implications go so thoroughly unexplained, then i don't see a way back

  29. I pretty much agree with what you said, I hope they at least drop in a couple of surprises but I’m not holding my breath. Just hope it is well written and a suitable ending for what on the most part has been a good season.

  30. I'm also feeling that the kelp monster is the real child, but I think that ST:D is very capable of going dark, and having Saru forced to make the hard command choice of ending him in order to save everyone else. A lot of this season has been exploring the ideas of command, and the comman chair in th eopening credits has told us that this is going to be a key theme.

    So my guess is that Saru will have to choose to kill the child, which will make Tilly reconsider whether she wants to follow the command route, also opening up the route for Michael to retake the XO role.

  31. Burnham will shed tears in an attempted dramatic moment where the stakes are high and someone will make a comment on her brilliance. The plot will be contrived and have enough plot holes to drive a space rain Forrest through.. That can’t grow apple trees.

  32. I think you’re absolutely right about your predictions. And it sounds terrible. Star Trek cannot continue this way. I love DS9. But it is pretty much the cause of why Star Trek fell apart. it stopped becoming about exploration and started becoming about fighting and war and subterfuge. The problem is once you open Pandora’s box, you can never put back what escaped

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