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28 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Explains What Replicated Food Is Made Of

  1. If you think about it real apples are made of poop as well. Nutrients come from fertilizer. Everything in nature is recycled organic waste. Why would enlightened starfleet officers care how the sausage gets made?

  2. The most shoking thing about this erm… "Revelation": it actualy makes Sense. A bit like using erm "natural fertiliser" for agriculture💩🌱🍅🍕🧟🖖

  3. It seems like STD writers like to share their fetishes with us.

    Blood, gore, cannibalism, dead babies, dead children, feces.

    Just saying these are the sorts of things serial killers fetishize, Heinrich Himmler had a sexual attraction to feces.

    Just food for thought.

  4. In the Original series, Replicated plastic cubes are so delicious that even the alien from the Andromeda galaxy loves it, while in the recent series the fine cuisine made by the state of art replicators are sh*tty af.

  5. As someone said on Reddit, it’s like natural diamonds, who have small imperfections that make them easy to tell apart from the perfect, synthetic ones. Maybe the replicated matter comes out too uniform, trading natural randomness for safety, and it's because of that "perfection" that a replicated apple will never taste like a natural one.

  6. Everything we eat is replicated from the shit too. By the power of evolution. STD show is supposed to be sci fi, but shows constantly that the authors are narrow minded and childish, just about 7yo "haaahaaaaa we are eating shit", literally mentally challenged people are writing it.

  7. This is not only absolutely bullshit but also completely inaccurate.
    What he described was protien resequencer, which by this point would be a thousand years old obsolete tech.
    Replicators do not reform matter FROM matter. Replicators operate on the principle of matter-energy conversion.
    That apple wasn't made of deconstructed shit matter, that apple was materialized from energy!
    Even if you dematerialized shit and then use that energy to replicate an apple, it would still not be made of the same shit.

    The writers are utter idiots and know nothing about Star Trek and its lores.
    Seriously, WHat, The, Fuck?

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