Star Trek Discovery Episode 12: CRY HARD with a Vengeance!!

It is taken me per week to construct up the motivation to make this video of Star Trek Discovery Season three Episode 12. Largely as a result of it is simply one other absolute waste of …

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42 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Episode 12: CRY HARD with a Vengeance!!

  1. Anyone else remember "Starship Mine", a sixth season episode of Next Gen that actually was a pretty good riff on Die Hard?

  2. STD will follow HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy. The whole series just exists in the mind of Zaphod Beeblebrox, or in this case, Mikey Spock. You know it makes sense 🙂

  3. Its almost all wah-men. WTF!?!? In a show with space ships and transporters, Having around 80% of all the characters are wah-men is the most unbelievable part.

  4. How long to Tardigrades live, and what happened to all the Tardigrades in the fungus network after 1000 years?

  5. Yay now every thing is on fire. Let it burn so that we may stand around it and watch the embers burn up, and whatevers left of the fan base. WHY DO THEY CRY IS SPACE, OWYA ITS BECAUSE NO ONE CAN HEAR THEM SCREAM IN SPACE. Ha ha Haha

  6. "… because you can't have a disabled person as a villain."
    Wild Wild West called from last century to tell Kurtzy to learn how to write.

  7. so, about the stabwound. she gets stabbed, and the guy the twist the knife? and she has the strength in the leg w the stabwound to choke the guy out. if i were trapped between Sonequas legs, id stab her multiple times in the leg to escape, not just once. she should be dead.

  8. Please pass the tissues… no, that's an entire roll of paper tow… aw hell, I'll take it. Sniff!

  9. "There's no crying in baseball!" Tom Hanks in 'A League of Their Own'
    ………………"But there is crying in Star Trek!!!"

  10. Dammit Fandom Menace, we need your reviews. its your duty. Nerdrotic, Doomcock. ME, WCBS, we need your takes on this shit show. Theres too many Drekkie reviews out there. Nitpicky Nerd is pretty good, you guys should invite him on Friday Night Tights.

  11. Disabled guy is Kenneth Mitchell, who played the Klingoff Big Bad in the first series. So surprisingly, probably not actually disabled.

  12. Watching Az gradually losing his sanity and his will to live by forced-watching STD is becoming somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.

  13. Terminal velocity is what you were looking for. By the way, great review, you are a much better man that I because I quit watching this after the second show first season.

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