Star Trek: Discovery | Dr. Culber Faces The Danger (S3, E10)

“In an emotional second, Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) explains to his accomplice Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) his significant purpose for becoming a member of a dangerous away mission.

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery | Dr. Culber Faces The Danger (S3, E10)

  1. Just started watching this show because I LOVE Star Trek. So I finally decided to pay for CBS. I gave it an honest shot but NOTHING about this show felt like Star Trek. More like a political agenda wrapped in the thinnest layer of start trek. The characters felt hollow and the storyline felt lacking. It was more like the show writers and producers or more focused on what they could push politically into the show instead of creating a good Star Trek series. A huge let down.

  2. I love this couple. On top of that I'm not gay I love the fact that they aren't shoved in my face. I'm glad for the rep is there like this.

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