Star Trek Discovery – Doug Jones (Saru) Exclusive interview! Pt.1

I’ve a chat with Doug Jones who performs Saru on Star Trek Discovery about Season 3, his profession in Movie and TV and extra! Welcome to Sci-Finatics! MERCH …

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32 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery – Doug Jones (Saru) Exclusive interview! Pt.1

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Loved the quality of your questions. Everything i love to know about how actors prepare for their role. What a great guy Doug Jones is. Totally enjoyed all of this. Can't wait for part 2.

  2. Great interview with really smart well thought out questions. The only feedback I would invite you (Sci-Finatics) to consider is their was quite a lot of looking down, perhaps to read the next question rather then eye contact with Doug while he answered your questions. It gave the appearance that you were not listening and present in the interview at times. That aside, I want to stress, some wonderful questions. I look forward to seeing future interviews as you get more comfortable in the role.

  3. Bang up good interview! You asked all the questions I've been wishing I could ask Dougie. I've always wondered how he managed to shove all that expression through the latex. Now I know!

  4. Fab interview, thanks for making this happen 🙂 only recently found your channel and really like your insights 🙂

  5. Can anyone explain why calypso was never gone back too? I thought that was in the nebula before we found out what it really was. So it just a stand alone really nothing to do with the series?

  6. Doug seems like such a nice guy 🙂 interesting to hear the experience of playing Saru and the challenge for him acting with prosthetics.

  7. Fascinating interview! Great job, loved your questions. Very insightful on how he plays the character without the prosthetics, glad you asked him that question.

  8. This is so wonderful! You’re asking the questions I want to ask. Great interview! I hope this brings you more subs. You create great content.

  9. Always saw Mr Jones in all those weird (in a cool way) roles and he’s been great, the small details he adds in the way he moves just make those characters so believable.
    But seeing him acting… wow, what a great actor! Even with all that prosthetics and make up he expressed so much emotion. I was really, really, REALLY surprised how good he is.
    And he seems a really nice guy, hope he returns in ST Discovery and cast more in tv and movies (as a regular human).

  10. My Favorite character on STD, i didn't know he play Abe Sapien or the Faun. So humble and fun, looking forward for part 2.

  11. Thank you foe sharing with us Doug, I do enjoy your acting and THE WAY you play the character Saru. OH hi Nick.Thank you nick For allowing us the fans to sharing this wonderful interview. see you in part two

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