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46 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery Alternate Ending Michael Burnham Becomes a Cyborg

  1. Tbh if I'm getting sucked in nano tech first thing you would do is close eyes/ mouth instead of open like a idiot for it to go in lol and why would future tech let you get sucked in the first place lol 😂😂 the safety of 900 years in federation is horrible 😂 terrible warp core eject system, terrible turbo lift safety, terrible back up systems terrible console /programmable matter… But hey atleast discovery can tank whole federation fleet fire 😂

    P.s in discovery I never know if they are fire a torpedo or foreign phaser… And why the phaser sound still sounds old? 🤔🤔

  2. 1. I took my (then little) kids to see the Superman III back in 1983.
    – a.) Superman III (1983) ~ Vera Webster's (Annie Ross) "Assimilation" (for lack of a better word) scene freaked my kids out so badly, they could not sleep properly for several nights afterward; much to their father's (me) always sleep-stretched frustration (full-time worker, full-time parent). :<
    – b.) ST:TNG (1990) ~ +7 years later, this came back around with the Captain Picard's own Assimilation into a Locutus of Borg [ST:TNG 3×25 & 4×01 – "The Best of Both Worlds"]. My (then) teenagers had flashbacks to Superman III; but fortunately nothing sleep-depriving. 😉

    2. I still do not 'get' what Osyraa thought/believed would happen by pushing Burnham into the block of Programmable Matter (PGRM).
    – a.) Did Osyraa think Burnham would "drown" inside the PGRM block? (Remember, kids & parents: LEGOs are a choking hazard. 😉 )
    – b.) Or did Oysraa think the PGRM block would "eat" Burnham? (Disassembling Burnham into more PGRM.)

    Thanks for uploading this, Major Grin. 🙂

  3. Having just watched this episode, I’m so glad to see being left thinking of this exact same Superman III reference wasn’t me being weird.

  4. Star Trek: Discovery makes Superman III and even Superman IV: The Quest For Peace look like works of Shakespearean quality by comparison. And I'm not even joking.

  5. I remember that scene from Superman scared the shite out of my little ass, when I was a kid, I dont think I fully recovered to be honest, as I always worry when going into Server rooms just incase the computer decides to live

  6. U wanna know my plot and ending? Season one revealing the mirror universe and then someone creating Section 13 to infiltrate those universe and do research on it. Then it turns like "sliders" where the discovery goes in there and tries to help somewhere where the bad mirror universe does something awfull. Come up with something in our society and exaggerate a bit and then put it into an episode and show in the end how you can avoid that drama and have some kind of revelation. In the end of season 2 they are stuck in that mirror universe and cant go back and in the end of season 3 they finally meet their own mirror ship and have to fight against it, nearly losing. But then they helped so many people in the past, they show up and help them. Finally the bad mirror ship does self destruct to do as much damage as possible while the discovery uses their spore drive to transport all friendly ships away in a safe zone. Then having to find a way to get back home or stay and try to help the mirror universe.

  7. I can't believe this show lasted for what? 3 seasons? I gave up after the awful pilot.

    I stuck with Picard though… and man what a travesty that was.

  8. Get outta here! I thought about this exact scene!!! You are too good, Major! Thanks.

    Also, was I alone in thinking just for a moment- there was a chance she would be assimilated and BECOME Discovery? Cuz Michael is even the best at being a ship! 🤣

  9. The programmable matter is dangerous? So if you, say, fell asleep on your control panel, would it try and kill you like this? They should hire better programmers.

  10. when your 'gritty, realistic' version of star trek is actually improved by editing in a scene from a campy 80s movie, your name can only be alex kurtzman.

  11. It reminds me of that scene in Galaxy Quest with the 'chomper' room when Sigourney Weaver's characters says:
    "It make no logical sense. Why is it here?!"

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