Star Trek Discovery AFTERMATH | Friday Night Tights and The Inquisition Q and A with Toxic Mail Bag

Tremendous chat sq. up for #FridayNightTights, #TheInquisition , and the #NerdroticNooner. Please be a part of us each Friday at 2pm PST for FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS a …

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42 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery AFTERMATH | Friday Night Tights and The Inquisition Q and A with Toxic Mail Bag

  1. Wait, River Song got regeneration powers because some idiots diddled some knobs in the tardis control room? Man, I'm glad I stopped watching this show long before Dr. Karen took over the reins. It was going downhill long before Dr. Karen, it just became blatantly obvious to everyone at that point.

  2. I hate mauler playing games honestly, why’d you have to do that to, I’m not watching your stream anyway, I’m listening

  3. Don't forget the 2,000 jobs that would have been to maintain the pipeline and the jobs lost in Canada to continue construction their and the jobs to maintain it there.

  4. Brother I tried to warn you in the letter. Fouler shit you've never tasted, truly spawn of the devil!!! 🤘

  5. I love the sound in space comment, with the pretense of Astronauts training in water, such a great facetious comment.

  6. Sound travels differs based on the elasticity of the medium it is traveling through. It is slowest through air, faster in liquid and faster in solids depending on the temperature and density of each. So NON existent in space! Sound travels further in water, than air. … hence whales are heard from several 1000's of miles away. Again. Not everyone is understanding what a sound (pressure) wave actually is. SMH.

  7. I was an early adopter of the understanding that Disney hates normal people and therefore we shouldn't give them our money. I'm talking early 1990s.

  8. Hey, Gary David Here, I one hundred percent agree with the weekly watch. Seen Cobra Kai in one night and only remember Ali and the Okinawa Arch. That's it. It's so depressing.

  9. I don't understand you. Do u think that if this trading issue happened a month ago that Trump would have jailed the guilty? You always say you're non partisan, but i have yet to hear you say anythimg good about any democrat, or critisize any Republican, for any reason.

  10. NOT fond of the "Game Footage". Rather the standard screen setup. Oh, I am pretty sure you are not saying OAN was demonetized on YouTube because of YOU, even your EGO is not that big. OAN was demonetized due to their consistent FALSE claims. Keep up the great content, you're a funny man.

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