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27 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery 3×13 Season Finale Spoiler Review & Breakdown Analysis of all Plot Holes

  1. Hmmm, I can now imagine that the STD crew didn't get new uniforms because they didn't bring enough shit, probably there was some inauguration ceremony where everyone bring their shit to replicator for a new uniform 😀 I like new ones better but kinda reminds me of SS nazi uniform……

  2. Never before have I said "gayyyyyy" so many times in an episode of Trek before.

    Lt. Owo before she goes in the warp nacelle: "I love you all"


    When they show the inside of the turbo lift system to be some wide open city space, like starships just have tons of empty volume inside their walls….


    When Gray goes outside of the ship and can SEE WHAT'S OUT THERE despite being not real and essentially a figment of Adira's imagination…


    When Gray has a temper tantrum because he/she/they doesn't want to go back to being only visible to Adira, but Dr. Culper all hugs he/she/they and calms him/her/them down promising to come up with some Magic ghost-viewing MacGuffin…


    When the cause of the burn is revealed to be a little child's tears…


    When Saru gives the grown up manchild Kelpian a big giant hug and says he wants to be his new daddy…


    When Tilly talks about Burnham having a synthohol drinking session with her 100 years before synthohol is invented…


    When Tilly orders Burnham to lead everyone….


    When they make Burnham captain….


    Star Trek is supposed to be Science Fiction, not a whiny ass soap opera pushing woke wankery.

  3. I counted and the Nivar fleet has apparently only five ships. What is even the point of them showing up? The dots got blasted to bits and the ridiculous turbo shaft space… this episode is plot wise completely predictable and with so many dumb moments… I really hope season 4 is the final season. Or maybe just stop making live action Star Trek at all. Make more animations like lower decks.

  4. I was actually hoping this would turn out as a good episode. But no. Osyraa was a good villain but died in a super lame way, of course Michael saved the day and rescued everyone as usual. Now she's captain even though that makes no sense. The ship is now 50 kilometres large on the inside though they never showed that before. This is one of the few shows where I was hoping the villain (Osyraa) would actually kill the main character and become captain instead.

  5. micheal did say that the oyssra ship is holding discover in place they need to blow it up so they can leave that's why she dropped the warp core. There was a 50% chance that discovery could get blown up too.
    But the stupid thing is they jumped the ship anyway then the warpcore exploded, so they can jump at any time they want, there was no need to take this 50/50 chance that discovery could be blown up.

  6. They straight up murdered a bunch of people with that warp core thing. Maybe Michael read up on the new character they introduced in Star Trek Picard, “seven of nine”? Why they didn’t use Seven from VOY is beyond me – they even had Jeri Ryan play the new character on Picard – but the new “seven” was a murderer too, so perhaps Michael just thought, “ah let’s just murder them like this fenris ranger would do, whatever the hell a fenris ranger is!” Kaboom.

  7. A Science Fiction Show with flat Earth-science, made for people who hate Star Trek by people who hate Star Trek.

    Even if you pretend this is not Star Trek, this show doesn’t work ….

    I watched the show but Seriously you can’t even realize all the stupidity of this show just watching it once. This is the third or fourth review I watched and every review is pointing out other stupid things.

  8. i really enjoyed your reviews more than the actual show, i dont know if i would like more without u pointing out every mistake, because i now just overlook stuff.. i was so happy when it was anounced that star trek would return, i watched every episode that its in existence but.. i really have to say star trek picard and discovery make me really really sad how bad it is written and how lifeless it is.. it should focus on thre crew and give everybody time to develope, solve humanitarian questions but yeah.. i dont know what to say anymore im 100% dissapointed. I hope they will return with a good show and start where tng has left off.. from the st universe lower decks is right now the best show and that one is kinnnnnda ok and nothing more

  9. great review of this dogshit show. i've been mentioning you guys around to nerdrotic and doomcock. you should reach out to them for friday night tights, or doomcocks friday night frolicks.

  10. Something you missed was the message of the season ("connecting"). It feels like they asked, "what do 21st century humans need to do more of?" and wrote the series around that, rather than making good Trek. And they did it in a preachy way, rather than a contemplative way. Trek has always had messages, but they were far better executed. Picard did something similar ("don't give in to fear"), but at least Picard did it much better. And that's only the first season.

  11. This episode was so emotional. Everything led to Tilly being killed and I was so excited. And then… nothing happened. I cried because everyone just survived

  12. People can hold their breath for minutes at a time (free divers, but actors also train to do it for some scenes), but you can't also talk while holding your breath and be upset about your crew dying and tell them you love them, or you're not holding your breath.

  13. Discovery season 3 has a 98% critic rating on (Rotten Tomatoes based on 30 reviews) and is "certified fresh." That rating says that it's 2% away from a perfect score. The user scores are at least better, at 48%, with many reviews giving it one or two stars. TNG has a lower rating at 93%, DS9 at 90%, Voyager at 77%.

  14. its disturbing how many captain shuffles we have seen in 3 seasons. at the rate the discovery crew goes, you think they were part of the terran empire.

  15. Is there a reason captions aren't enabled for your videos? At least, I can't see the option. I have trouble understanding you (I know you do your best), and even auto-generated captions would be useful. It's like a signal amplifier.

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