STAR TREK DISCOVERY 3×13 Promo Season 3 Episode 13 "Outside" S03E13. — Season Finale —

STAR TREK DISCOVERY 3×13 Promo Season three Episode 13 “Exterior” S03E13. — Season Finale — Please Subscribe for brand new TV Sequence and Film Trailer.

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7 thoughts on “STAR TREK DISCOVERY 3×13 Promo Season 3 Episode 13 "Outside" S03E13. — Season Finale —

  1. My guess: Osyras Friend Scientist will switch sides, and help to disable her cruel reign. Then he will lead a unification with the Federation, and they will together use the dilithium found in the nebula. Discovery will be hided somewhere in the nebula too, because its too much of a target and possible power shift for anyone who gets controll of the spore drive technology. Next season will see a new Discovery B with Captain Burnham and Tilly als XO.

  2. Wild guess: Discovery A gets destroyed by selfdestruct to defeat Osyraa, postbattle Vance produces an exact replica with the Sphere data fully integrated into every computersysteem, this OS will be codenamed Zora…

  3. Tilly has the potential to be a good captain but dafq is up with the crew? She gave a Red Alert and they didnt pack on phasers or shift the anti transporter shields?

  4. I'll be hazard to guess here, I predicted that Gabrielle receive Michael message and ask President T'Rina to send the Ni'Var fleet to aid both the Discover and the Federation. Maybe, just maybe T'Rina contact both the Earth and Trill and ask to send ships to help as well.

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